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  • Betting exchange sites review Betting exchange are an interesting alternative to common online bookmakers.  Imagine being your own bookmaker, and being able to bet against something happening empowering users to take an opposing view to traditional bookmakers.  Let’s Compare Bets has lots of information about the benefits of betting exchanges.  Instead this post will focus on reviewing the best ...
  • to Brexit or not to Brexit? That is the pending referendum on the UKs participation in the European project Brexit's Boris Johnson Betting on Brexit or not to Brexit?  A political and economic question, what’s you opinion?  We’re not going to try and predict this one instead leaving to our visitors to make up their own minds on this great topic for political betting. It’s not all about curvy bananas. Remember that one, UK shops where not allow to ...
  • Friday night USA v Mexico 2018 World Cup Qualifying – the old rivalry takes a new turn Cero a Dos, world cup qualification Old rivalries between national football teams of USA and Mexico are rekindled.  Adding tinder to the flames is the recent election victory of Donald Trump becoming the 45th President of the United States.  After making bold statements in his election campaign about building a wall to keep Mexican’s out and saying that most Mexican illegal immigrants ...


  • Sunday World Cup Final Preview and Odds – France vs. Croatia Sunday World Cup Final Preview and Odds – France vs. Croatia July 14, 2018 15:00pm – Luzhniki Stadium Recent Form (All comps) France: WWWDW Croatia: DDDWW The curtain will come down on Football’s global party on Sunday when well-fancied France take on outsiders Croatia in the FIFA World Cup final. Many expected France to do well but there were question ...
  • Saturday World Cup Preview and Odds – Belgium vs. England Saturday World Cup Preview and Odds – Belgium vs. England Third place Play-off July 14, 2018 15:00pm – St. Petersburg Stadium Recent Form (All comps) Belgium: LWWWW England: DWDLWW World football’s highest profile dead rubber match will be played in Saint Petersburg on Saturday as Belgium and England meet with the World Cup bronze medal at stake. No one talks about ...
  • Wednesday World Cup Preview and Odds – Croatia vs. England Wednesday World Cup Preview and Odds – Croatia vs. England July 11, 2018 17:00pm – Luzhniki Stadium Recent Form (All comps) Croatia: DDWWW England: WDLWW Few would have predicted Croatia would be playing England for a place in the World Cup final a few weeks ago but this tournament has produced surprises at every turn. The two lowest-ranked teams left ...

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  • Cheltenham Gold Cup – there is time not to miss out Confused as to why there are so many smartly dressed Irishman drinking in pubs at 10.30 in the morning in Cheltenham? That’s right it’s the Cheltenham Festival. Unlike the Grand National the Cheltenham Gold Cup is less frantic but no less enjoyable. The jumps are not as hard for the horses and viewers will see less riderless horses and probably no horses taking a tumble. Some tipsters say the Cheltenham Gold Cup is an easier race to predict. Starting on the last day of the Cheltenham Festival, a Friday, the Gold Cup ...
  • Cha-ching another crazy offer torpedo’s in from Betfair destroying my Samsung smart phone Newsflash, ” crazy offer explodes Betfair punter’s Samsung Note II “.  Yes, it was my Samsung Note II and I needed another one anyway because it’s getting slow: it can’t take the wear and tear from constant Betfair promotions. Since using the first bonus offer Betfair sent in November 2015 I have had ten text messages with more offers.  Giving me £215 of bonus money to play with.  Others have received more existing customer offers which depend on your user profile.  Offers are especially generous around major sporting events, like the ...
  • Friday night in the Barclays Premiership, Man United vs Southampton A new Manchester United teams faces off against Southampton tonight. Man United will want to make amends for Man United defeat to Southampton last season. Most of Mourinho’s news signings will not even know they lost last time round. Across all leagues and competitions Man United have won 4 and lost once to Borussia Dortmund at home in the opening game of the International Champions Cup. Southampton have also won 4 matches and drawn 1. Playing Watford at home forced the draw. When Man United last played Southampton at home, 23rd January 2016, ...

Sports betting

Sports betting is a popular pastime and enhances the experience of watching popular sports such as horse racing, UK football (or soccer), and tennis. Horse racing betting, football betting and tennis betting are all explained at Let’s Compare Bets. Simple and complex betting guides are provided on how to make bets online. Sports betting includes traditional fixed odds betting and sports spread betting (floating odds), use the compare betting section to get an at a glance view of different types of betting.

Financial betting

Financial betting has developed as financial markets have been deregulated and includes share trading, financial fixed odds betting and financial spread betting. At Let’s Compare Bets visitors can get stock trading, financial fixed odds betting, and financial spread betting explained.

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Get the best value odds from betting bookmakers and don’t forget to consider using a betting exchange. Use the odds comparison service to compare betting odds and get the best value for money odds available online.

Sports Betting

Football betting

The sports betting guide explains how to find value by looking at betting odds and estimating the chance that a goal will be scored, a horse will win (or lose), or a team will get promoted. Types of betting odds are described, how odds work are explained and betting markets are discussed with a view to helping visitors bet on popular sporting events. A review of betting bookmakers is provided to give visitors the information needed to decide which account to open. Something relatively new to sports betting online is the betting exchange. Anyone new to betting online should get betting exchanges explained as they bring real benefits to sport betting enthusiasts. The betting exchange has also made bet trading possible. Both the blog and main site contains up to date articles and research on bet trading on Betfair and what factors move odds allowing traders to profit. The site also has a section dedicated to revealing myths and giving advice on betting systems.  Visitors can also find direction to resources to help with betting such as Now Goal Live Score, which will give up to the minute soccer results.

Financial betting

Football betting

Financial betting includes spread betting in the UK, or share, currency and stock trading outside the UK. Let’s Compare Bets has a guide to spread betting which explains spread betting for novices and gives advice for people who want to start spread trading. The guide described how to trade in terms of mentality, what tools to use and spread trading strategy.

Betting strategy

Betting professionals use advance betting techniques, like handicapping systems use ratings to assess the chance of a particular football team or horse winning. The guide to sports betting strategy explores successful betting strategy using tried and tested techniques, gives further reading, investigates statistical analysis, and looks at how to be your own bookmaker.

Arbitrage betting

LetsCompareBets has a section dedicated to explaining sports arbitrage betting, visit sports arbitrage betting explained. Arbitrage betting services have been explained in the sports arbitrage software guide.

Sports Arbitrage – RebelBetting

Click on the links below to learn more about fixed odds betting types and spread betting. There is lots of info to help to you find a betting type you enjoy.

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Betting Clubs offer members advice on betting, access to betting systems and training on how to use betting tools like Betfair software. There are a limited number of successful betting clubs with the resources to offer the best service to members. The betting club review (follow the link to access the review) looks at four different betting clubs. Each betting club has something different to offer people looking to get the best information about betting.

Betting bonuses

Get the best betting bonuses and bookie promos using the betting bonuses directory.

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