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Lets Compare Bets is a free website making information available about various forms betting. We dispel some of the secrets of the betting industry. Lets Compare Bets wants to enable its visitors to make smarter decisions about how to deploy their money, by using the online betting guides available.

Lets Compare Bets has been designed, written and edited by William Webb

Founded in 2006 Lets Compare Bets has gone from being a pastime to a serious betting information resource with lots planned for the future.

William Webb graduated from Bristol University (UK) in 2003. After becoming bored with working in the financial services industry William decided to pursue his interests and create this website.

2010 saw Let’s Compare Bets welcome Betbrain to the site to offer an enhanced odds comparison service.

Lets Compare Bets is editorially independent but is supported by advertising. We encourage our visitors to click on the advertisements on our site to support our sponsors.

We are investing in new software for Let’s Compare Bets to give betting enthusiasts useful tools for getting the best bets.

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