Best football betting bonuses

Premier League, Budesliga, La Liga, Serie A, Primera Division, World Cup, you name it, bonus bets are on it. Who’s got the best betting bonuses for soccer betting? [twocol_one]

Betfair bonus

Betfair Euro 2012Betfair are the experts in matched betting or exchange betting.  Betfair also offer traditional fixed odds betting.  Great odds for people wanting to back teams, which on average are the best odds you’ll find anywhere, because Betfair cut out the bookmaker. Bet teams not to win.  Don’t rate a team, then lay them to lose.  That’s not possible anywhere else.   ‘Cash out’ a bet if there is a change in fortunes before kick off.  Betting a team will win a group but a key player gets injured in the latest game, simply ‘cash out’ the bet to limit a loss or guarantee a win. Betfair’s sign up bonus is [do action=”betfairfb”/] (or currency equivalent). Betting from your smart phone is easy with Befair using one of many mobile betting apps, some of which automatically calculate if there is a profitable cash out opportunity. [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]

[/twocol_one_last] Get more betting bonuses here. Fancy bagging some bonuses?  Steal the bonuses from the bookmaker legally and easily.  It’s simple.  This free ebook shows you how to bag bonuses.