Skrill review

Skrill, a versatile online payment gateway

Skrill review

An obvious concern about conducting any transaction on the internet is that it is safe. Especially if you are using a credit card to make transactions on the web. Skrill is a good way of keeping your credit card details completely secure when dealing with bookmakers and any online transaction in fact.  Skrill changed it’s name from Moneybookers previously.

If you are from the UK you may be interested to know that Skrill is registered with the Financial Services Authority. Skrill Ltd is authorised by the FSA to issue electronic money as a specialised electronic money issuer subject to regulatory requirements and supervision.

Citizens of the USA can not use Skrill for sports betting, or gambling in general.

The benefits of Skrill

  • Except lots of different currencies and the website is translated into many different languages, so that people of different nationality can buy things, send money to family and friends, or do business online. Saving time and effort compared to the alternatives.
  • Easy way to send and receive money and shop online
  • Virtually instant cash transfers and online payments
  • Low fees, compared to other methods of money transfer saving users money
  • Excellent level of security – but there is not a lengthy process for verification.
  • Handle all your money transactions from single account
  • If you are experiencing problems with funding any account using a credit card you can use Skrill!
  • A good choice of withdrawal option including, throught the local bank, onto a Visa credit card or via check (depending on the country).

How easy are online payments with Skrill?

Skrill aims to provide the most convenient global payment service on the Internet. Below are just some features which make our service easy to use:

  • Once registered with Skrill, all you need is your email address and password to make payments.
  • You can send money worldwide to anyone with an email address – even if the recipient does not have a Skrill account yet.
  • Skrill provides a localised service with 12 supported languages and domestic payment options in over 30 countries.
  • All your transactions can be found in the history section of the account which can be accessed at any time. This data can be exported to an excel file if you want to have a digital copy of your Skrill transactions.
  • Shop online safely wth more than 200000 online shops.

How much does Skrill cost

One of the principles of Skrill is to be extremely competitve with pricing. A reason the company is so popular (over 15 M users) is that it makes transferring money affordable to people globally. For example, it is free to make local payment (upload funds) in the UK by bank transfer, debit card and by cheque. You can upload money by bank transfer for free from all countries. International money transfers are very inexpensive and there are set charges for withdrawal.

Visit the Skrill website and look at the fee section for details.

You may be interested in the free bet offers available from bookmakers which use Skrill.

Skrill tips before signing up

When using any kind of online payment system it is always good practice to minimise your fees. This is especially true if you are sports betting enthusiast.

How can you minimise your Skrill fees?

Keep your Skrill account in one currency. You are charged for currency conversions, so you can limit your fees by not switching currencies too often. Thought needs to be given to which currency you will use with the bookmakers, or casinos, or online shops, or whatever! This is important becuase once you sign up you can not change the currency (and you can’t have multiple accounts).

Consider withdrawing by cheque. This can save fees depending on how quickly you need the money and how much you want to withdraw.

What’s new to Skrill?

Skrill have introduced a prepaid mastercard which makes the card holders cash back of 17% at major retailers, offers instant access to funds, and free online as well as offline payments worldwide. The Skrill debit card can be used withdraw funds from millions of ATMs, and doesn’t require any credit checks. What’s more it’s excellent for people who fly with RyanAir as it saves 5£/€ per return flight.

Skrill VIP. A Skrill VIP gets no fees for outgoing transactions, great promotions, free deposits and withdraws. As if that wasn’t enough VIP’s also get an account manager. It’s available only for those who are transfering more than 5000€ monthly.

Visit Skrill.