Pinnacle betting calculator

Pinnacle have released a bet calculator. Choose between various sports and compare the returns available to Pinnacle Sports members compared to other bookmakers. The calculator works out the margins that are given by the odds for selections that the user chooses. For punters who are not so familiar with odds it is useful to assess margins and value, and compare the returns available from leading bookmakers.

Pinnacle are supported by Let’ because they consistently offer great value odds, they do not limit stakes and welcome winners. Choose between English football, American football and basketball.

If the calculator doesn’t display the the sports or leagues you are interested in Pinnacle have provided a guide to explain how margins are calculated. Pinnacle Sports offer odds that are better than Betfair on some sports. The calculator offers a true odds comparison which takes into account Betfair’s commission charges. This is well worth a mention here because it’s hard to beat Betfair for best odds. Visit the Pinnacle betting calculator. What’s more Pinnacle also give users access to an arbitrage calculator. Simply add the odds of the bet and the odds of the alternative outcome and find out if there is an arbitrage opportunity. Try the Pinnacle arbitrage calculator.