Betting Guides

Betting exchanges

Betting exchanges change the experience of betting for the better.  Some people prefer fixed odds and have not converted to using a betting exchange.  Why?  Matched betting is something new and possibly not everyone if comfortable with change.  Let’s Compare Bets thinks is probably because people needs the betting exchange explained in simple terms.  Visit our guide to betting exchanges here.

Guide to bookmakers

With so many  bookmakers it can be confusing when it comes to choosing which one to use.  Let’s Compare Bets have reviewed bookmakers to help punters get the best user experience.  Visit the bookmaker review guide here.

Sports arbitrage betting guide

Sports arbitrage is betting is something of a myth.  People often wonder is it legitimate, is it legal, does it work, and how much money do you need to make it successful?  Our sports arbitrage guide aims to give the answers to these questions and give detailed instructions for sports arbitrage betting.  Visit the arbitrage guide here.

Guide to horse race betting

Get the answers to questions that people learning about betting need to know.  What is a win single, a Yankee bet, a Tricast, Each Way, Doubles and the list goes on.  Get all the horse race betting terms you need at our guide to horse race betting.

Spread betting

Spread betting can be a mine field.  A dangerous place.  It uses leverage to boost returns.  Do not try this before you have learned about how it works and how the pros make money doing this.  Sports spread betting and financial spread betting can be very rewarding.  The Let’s Compare Bets guide to spread betting will teach you how to spread bet and which markets to trade.

Betting strategy guide

Betting professionals use advance betting techniques, like handicapping systems use ratings to assess the chance of a particular football team or horse winning. The guide to sports betting strategy explores sucessfull betting strategy using tried and tested techniques, gives further reading, investigates statistical analysis, and looks at how to be your own bookmaker.