Bonus Accumulator Review

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Bonus accumulator review

Bonus accumulator is the new service brought to the public by the creators of Profit Accumulator.  Another simple and easy to use service to make an additional income for a holiday, home improvement project, students wanting more spending money and more.

Our Profit Accumulator review can be found by using the menu above.  Originally the team was focused on sports betting offers and using the powerful features of Betfair to ‘lay off’ sports bets to ensure there where minimal loses allowing members to hoover up betting bonus offers.  They also provided guidance for getting casino bonus offers as well.

The online casino bonus offers where so popular with members that this service was the inspiration for Bonus Accumulator.

One reason Profit Accumulator is so successful (many of our readers think so), is because everything is broken down into a simple and easy to follow process.  Members don’t need to get tangled up in the technical detail.

Bonus Accumulator’s dedicated step by step guides walk members through hundred of sign up and reload offers.  Offers are classified as risk free, low risk and high risk offers.

All the offers and profits are tracked by dedicated software and new offers are unlocked and parts of the process are automated.

There are also strategy calculators available to help members play with an edge.

Support is available 7 days a week via email, Facebook and the Forum. Lots of eager money making ideas and individuals on the forum and Bonus Accumulator Facebook community. Check out bonus accumulator. 

Testimonials have been provided using messages from users on the Facebook community. 

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First day today, £459.26 profit off just no risk bonuses – absolutely over the moon!

[/et_pb_testimonial][/et_pb_column][et_pb_column type=”1_2″ _builder_version=”4.4.4″][et_pb_team_member name=”Sam Stoffel at Bonus Accumulator” position=”Owner” image_url=”” facebook_url=”” _builder_version=”4.4.5″]

Owner and creative source behind Profit Accumulator brings LetsCompareBets visitors Bonus Accumulator.

Who is in the picture above?  It’s Sam Stoffel.  Let Sam explain in person by pre recorded video message; what Bonus Accumulator is, and, how it can help you.  Go there to get everything you need to start earning extra money. 


[/et_pb_team_member][et_pb_testimonial author=”Mark, new member” portrait_url=”” quote_icon_color=”#5122c9″ quote_icon_background_color=”#ffffff” _builder_version=”4.4.5″ body_font=”Georgia|600|||||||” body_text_color=”#5122c9″ author_font=”Georgia|700|||||||” background_color=”#ffffff” border_color_all_portrait=”#ffffff”]

I’m on day 3 (joined on Wednesday). I’ve completed most of the low risk and medium risk offers – 53 offers down and I’ve just hit £900 profit. 

I’ve moved onto the high risk and have lost £50 on my first try. Any tips for staying upbeat with the next one requiring a £100 deposit?

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If you want a simple and easy to follow way of getting an extra income to purchase a few extra things in life Bonus Accumulator is the way to do it. 

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After signing up I noticed a simple user interface with dashboard design. From here it was easy to access sign up and reload offers and see how many offers I had used at a glance. My profits where clearly stated.


Before starting sign up offers it was possible to get an introduction to casino offers provided by Bonus Accumulator. Personally I didn’t understand what estimated value is. New terms like this where fully explained in this video.


Guides to Casino offers where provided with a refresher on how to play Roulette, Blackjack and Slots: the three most common casino games for casino offers.  Each section had a button to click indicating what was complete and which where in progress.


Members are eased into the risk free offers. There offers acted as a perfect warm up.


Each offer had a video explaining exactly what to do. First up was a Betfair casino offer. Luckily it’s available to players even if you have an existing Betfair account as long as you’ve not used the casino section before.


Working these offers would provide between £6 to £170 per hour equivalent. Not bad.


Some offers allow you to wager with only bonus money and others require a small deposit. Each casino offer has certain requirements in order to convert bonus funds into cash. Also sometimes it’s important to make a decision to either continue wagering or stop and withdraw profits: this is where estimated value and the simulator really came in handy.


To maximise the effectiveness of the casino offers Bonus Accumulator advise working casino offers with a target profit in mind. Doing this helps identify when to stop playing. The simulator takes into account wagering requirements, your bonus funds, deposited funds, and cash balance. A positive estimated value indicates it’s worth continuing.


After working risk free and low risk offers it was now time to consider taking on the medium and high risk offers. At this stage I’d covered my first couple of months subscription to Bonus Accumulator multiple times over.


Other things I learned is what variance means which is the difference between the expected value and profit. Profit can deviate from expected value moving from no and low risk offers to medium and high risk offers. Returns from each offer vary over time; some offer less or negative returns and other offer bigger returns. As a whole profits increase but they can take a dip or two along the way. Let’s faces it where still working online casino offers, no?


You need to take some rough with the smooth. Sometimes I had a run of loses and then a big win. Bonus Accumulator had a system in place to limit the risk of loosing profits already in the bank.


On first glance I was a bit concerned with the minimum bank role required on some of the higher risk offers but this soon became less of an issue as the profit built up from the the low and no risk offers.


For newbies to card games you’ll need to learn how to play Roulette and Blackjack using the courses available and the tools available. Then you can get stuck into some casino offers.  Visit Bonus Accumulator.


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Unlock £1000s of Casino EV

100+ casino bonuses

Easy to understand video tutorials

New offers uploaded every day

Enhanced Profit Tracker

Advanced Casino Simulator

No contracts. Cancel anytime.

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Unlock £1000s of Casino EV

100+ casino bonuses

Easy to understand video tutorials

New offers uploaded every day

Enhanced Profit Tracker

Advanced Casino Simulator

No contracts. Cancel anytime.