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A review of betting markets
BetonMarkets’ slogun is the Smarter Way to Trade. It is certainly an enjoyable way to trade. BetonMarkets (Bet On Markets) has created a range of innovative and exciting ways to allow you to start financial fixed odds betting. BetonMarkets is essentially a fixed odds bookmaker that offers odds in financial markets which are presented in a really interesting format. They differ from traditional fixed odds bookmakers in that they have developed some clever software to allow them to do this in the way that they do. The complex algorithms that uses allows them to offer a range of bets on foxex currencies, UK / US stocks and shares and commodities.

BetonMarkets is owned, fully licensed and regulated worldwide by Regent Markets Group. Regent Markets Group is a multi-million dollar group of companies.

The advantages of betting with BetOnMarkets

As with most fixed odds betting your maximum loss is limited to you initial bet.

You can choose from lots on interesting markets on; currently there are more than 50 markets.

Under current UK betting legislation all profits are tax free, however they could be reviewed in the future.

Unlike betting exchanges you have no fees or commissions to pay with BetOnMarkets.

The innovative bet types (see below) available allow you to trade forex, stocks and indices, whether markets are going up, down or are range bound (trading sideways).

There is an easy format to placing bets which takes a few moments.

A free virtual account is available to practice before you start for real.

You are also able to take profits or reduce loses by closing a trade early.

If you like their fixed odds betting terminal you may want to learn some BetOnMarket strategy. BetOnMarkets strategies are based on using technical indicators such as charts and relative strength index, as well as support and resistance lines. Learning some strategy is obviously better than placing random bets and will have you be profitable.

Betonmarkets will also give you a BetonMarkets free bet when you open an account.

Disadvantages of betting with BetOnMarkets

There are some disadvantages to  In some markets the spreads can be large and you may not be able to trade within the first half an hour, which is similar to the bid and offers spread on some shares traded on stock markets.  Also it’s lots of fun so can get a bit additive.

To counter some of these negative points BetOnMarkets is a different way to trade financial markets and offers flexibility and markets that are not rivaled among spread betting companies.  BetonMarkets is recommended because they offer a alternative to trading financial markets, especially for the man in the street (or lady, of course). Furthermore, they offer ‘exotic options’ not available elsewhere.  Visit BetonMarkets.

Financial fixed odds betting with BetonMarkets.

You may be asking what is a financial fixed odds bet? Put simply, it is a financial bet that pays a fixed amount (or nothing) on expiry. The payout you can receive from BetonMarkets is a fixed multiple of the amount you have staked. You know exactly what your profit might be and exactly what the loses could be. The maximum loss is limited to the premium. You can use the BetonMarkets fixed odds betting terminal to either lock in a profit or reduce a loss before expiry. This works in the same way as a stop loss works with spread betting providers.

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BetOnMarkets offer various types of financial fixed odds bets in an easy to understand format.

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