Compare betting odds

Comparing betting odds is an important consideration when opening a betting account. Bookmakers compete with one another by offering the best odds, but, betting odds change on a regular basis across sports, tournaments, games, and matches. When comparing bookmakers with others an important consideration is who offers the best odds consistently. Again, as ever, the devil is in the detail; a bookmaker offering best odds over a period of time is unlikely to continue to do this as a bookmakers business will have it’s own cost pressures. LetsCompareBets advises choosing a competitive bookmaker by not using the teaser odds on offer but to evaluate the bookmaker as a whole taking into account odds, range of sports and bets available, free bets, their website quality, ongoing offers, if they have physical bookmakers on the high street and customer service. For anyone new to betting our advice is to get started with the LetsCompareBets featured betting service first. Check it out here.