Ratings systems and books about betting

A sports betting ratings systems uses information from past sporting events as a means to forecasting the future. The forecast is based on probabilities calculated using factors that can be measured and recorded. The process of measuring and recording has been made much easier with various websites supplying sporting data.  Ratings systems differ extensively in their complexity due to all the factors that influence the end result of a sporting event.

How do they work?

How do ratings systems work?

Most ratings systems work using a points system. Points are added or subtracted using a various quantitative or qualitative aspects of the sports.

What are power ratings?

Some points rating systems do not take into account the quality of the opposition. Power ratings take into account the strength of the opposition. Simply, goals, or points etc conceded against stronger opposition carry less weight in the ratings calculations than those conceded against weaker sides.

Further reading

We have reviewed football ratings systems by various authors.  The benefit of these books is because the research has been done and the system is presented in an easy to read format.