Investing help

Investing is a really important aspect to wealth creation, planning for the future and achieving a lifestyle to aspire to. This could mean houses, cars, food and holidays. All important in the mix to create a fulfilling existence. Granted these are lofty words.  No this isn’t a get rich quick style article or hype about some type of trading system , but, an attempt to help readers visualise the benefits of investing for the future.

Investing involves buying and selling assets over different times periods to create wealth. To get a return on investment or bang for the buck (pound or whatever currency, it’s all the same). As editor of Let’s Compare, I have learned some important investing wisdom over time, which added to my experience in the financial services industry in the UK.

What I realised that these two worlds, that of investing and financial services often came into conflict with one another. This was a source of annoyance and something that should be shared, and will be shared at times in the Investing section here.

Time for a disclaimer. The investing section at Let’s Compare Bets will highlight points about investing and financial services that should no way be taken as advice. Advice depends totally on the circumstances of the individual in question. It is the law of the UK for me, as editor, to make it very clear that nothing here should be taken as advice. With that out the way, there is still some very important information that readers have a right to know. Information which is often over looked by ‘advisors’ in industry and empowers ordinary people to make their own investing decisions.

As a lot of things in life can be seen as a gamble, for instance your job, relationships and general life decisions, investing surely deserves it’s own section at Let’s Compare Our approach to the subject will provide an at a glance view of how to improve investing decisions and make the most out of the circumstance that you find your self in.

So now’s the time to decide why your are interested in investing. What are the motivators? More time with the family, a better car, a nicer house, more holidays, a means to swoon the ladies, or money to play a whole lot more golf when you retire!

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