Sports arbitrage software guide

The Lets Compare Bets guide to sports arbitrage software aims to answer some important questions about sports arbitrage software. Answering these question will provide help to those considering investing in a sports arbitrage betting service and specifically a subscription to sports arbitrage betting software.

This guide won’t explain what sports arbitrage betting is. To use sports arbitrage software properly the user would need to have knowledge of sports arbitrage betting at the start.

How does it work?

How can it help?

What about the bookmakers?


Sports arbitrage software ‘scans’ betting bookmakers websites for the latest odds. The software collects and compares the odds for a range of sorting events and calculates if there is a sports arbitrage opportunity.

The software itself is similar to that which Google uses to index websites.  Best sports arbitrage software continuously ‘crawls’ the web looking for sports arbitrage betting opportunities.

How can sports arbitrage software enhance sports arbitrage betting?

Previously it was possible to be successful at sports arbitrage betting by finding sports arbitrage bets manually. This was done by comparing odds on various bookmaker websites and using an odds comparison tools.

It is reasonable to assume that this is time consuming. Recently time and execution of trades have become amongst the most important aspects of successful sports arbitrage betting. This is how sports arbitrage software helps.

What about the bookmakers?

If it is possible for companies to develop sports arbitrage software it is also possible for bookmakers to use similar software to spot inconsistencies in their odds compared to the crowd.

It is worth bearing in mind the reason why bookmakers would want to do this. It might seem strange because there is always a loosing side of a sports arbitrage bet. This ensures a profit for one of the bookmakers, at least. The most probable reason for bookmakers using similar software is to attempt to stop arbitrage traders from making risk free bets.

The use of competing software has reduced the window of opportunity for sports arbitrage betting. This is the major benefit of good sports arbitrage software. Good sports arbitrage software should find sports arbitrage bets that have not yet been detected by the competing bookmaker software.