Sports news

Sports betting has been brought into the 20th century by a variety of trustworthy online bookmakers.  Bookmakers offer fixed odds as well as floating odds (spread betting) on a massive number of sports.  The number of markets available for betting is quite impressive, from betting on first goal scorer, tournament golf bets, and old fashioned horse race betting .  There is a betting market for almost everything on almost every sport!

Betting exchanges have supercharged sports betting in recent years due to an online technical revolution that has brought us the likes of Betfair and ‘in play’ betting offered by online bookmakers.  Betting exchanges have added another dimension to sports betting which can not be matched by normal bookmakers.  Learning about Betfair is time well spent if you want to try a different types of sports betting.  One of the unique features of Betfair is that it offers members the option to bet that something will not happen ( lay betting ).  Laying horses on Betfair has become a popular past time for many Betfair members, find out way by following the link.