Best Betfair strategies

Betfair is relatively easy to understand and many members make profit from trading odds.  Only the best strategies can make profit consistently.  At Let’s Compare Bets we use systems that work and enables the trader to get the most from Betfair.

Here we have selected popular articles for the best Betfair trading strategies.  Newbies need to get a Betfair account before they start anything else.

Football trading strategies

Football trading strategies that work

Football trading systems include trading  the draw.  The tactic is to make small  profits in the opening minutes of the  match.  Late goals and teams more likely to  draw make trading the draw a good tactic .

Systems can be improved by analysis of results and making adjustments.  Improve your football betting system by making adjustments.

Another Betfair system is trading the over / under goals market which helps get the best results.

Get the latest tips for trading football on Betfair here.

Horse trading strategies

horse trading strategies

Pre race odds on Betfair move around  making profitable trading opportunities.  Strategies include swing trading horse odds and scalping  on Betfair.

Strategies for selecting the best horses to  trade are useful for making profitable  trades.


Tools for the best Betfair strategies

Betfair traders using the best systems do so with help from trading software, like Geeks Toy, or BetTrader Evolution.  These software are unrivaled in speed with one click betting, and lots of features making trading a lot easier.