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Here is the next installment of the exchange trading software review series and its time for a review of BetTrader Evolution from Racing Traders. This review will compare BetTrader Evolution to it’s peers, such as Bet Angel. BetTrader evolution has been designed with the same aim as the other exchange trading software reviewed here, namely, it’s there to help individuals trade markers on Betfair for profit.

A key different here is that BetTrader Evolution is tailored made for Betfair, and is in fact sometimes called Betfair Evolution for that reason. The founder of the software, Adam Todd, decided to design the software because he managed to make a substantial amount of money from scalping horse races on Betfair. Initially BetTrader evolution was designed only for scalping on Betfair, but, later evolved into software to help trading the Betfair exchange in general.

Scaling on Betfair involves repeating a series of quick trades to make small profits from volatility in odds. It is most suited to UK horse racing markets 10 minutes before the race starts. This is when most money enters the market and causes the odds to shift around.

Let’s compare BetTrader to Bet Angel to see how one may be more beneficial than the other. One difference is that BetTrader runs from an internet browser which means it’s possible to trade on any computer. Whereas BetAngel is stand alone software and must be downloaded. This shouldn’t make much difference to most people. The makers of BetTrader recommend using the FireFox or Chrome browsers to run the software.

BetTrader has all the features that you would expect from good exchange trader software. Like BetAngel the software does have a direct link to Betfair and has fast refresh rates. This is very important especially for scalping horse racing markets. There is an option to use the ladder view or grid view for trading and one click betting is standard. Generally speaking BetTrader share a lot of features with BetAngel. For example, the ability to hedge a position so that the a profit is guaranteed no matter which outcome occurs (called ‘greening up’), a host of order types like fill or kill and stop loss, and charting features.

There are three modes available from BetTrader Evolution at Racing Traders, which are the BetTrader Evolution Free Mode, Evolution Turbo paid mode and a training mode.

BetTrader Evolution Free Mode

The free version updates less often than the turbo mode. This is the main difference. It is much easier to scalp movements in odds on the paid version than the free version. The free version is ok for trading football markets but not so good for scalping horse races. Speed is very important when it comes to scalping horse races on Betfair.

BetTrader Turbo

The big advantage here is that this version is much faster and update up to 20 times per second which is needed if the trader is to profit from small movements in the odds. The user interface has been designed for scalping in that there fewer screens and clicks to make to complete scalps.

BetTrader training mode

The training mode links to Betfair as normal accessing all the same data. The difference is that the trading bank on the training mode is fictional. All the other functions are the same. This is very useful for learning how to scalp markets on Betfair.

BetTrader Evolution has been created by someone who has made money from scalping horse racing markets on Betfair. With that in mind BetTrader, when compared to other exchange trading software such as BetAngel, is best used for the scalping horse races on Betfair. It has tools and interface has been designed for this purpose specifically in mind.

Positives of BetTrader Evolution by Racing Traders

The software is designed for individuals who want to start scalping on Betfair and has the refresh rates needed for this.

There is a free version and a training mode.

There are very flexible subscription tariffs allowing anyone to try for little cost.

There is an active forum and various training videos from people who scalp markets successfully. The good thing is that training is concentrated on scalping rather than a jack of all trades approach.

Negatives about BetTrader evolution

BetTrader evolution is best suited trading on Betfair, via techniques including swing trading and scalping. The software does not offer automated trading.

Final comments on BetTrader by Racing Traders

BetTrader and BetAngel have been developed well for exchange trading and the decision to use either may come down to personal preference in the end. The opinion of our reviewers is that BetTrader is more suited to scalping on Betfair and the subscription packages are more flexible than BetAngel. BetAngel does tend to beat BetTrader on overall quality and suites more trading styles.

Note from Editor. At LetsCompareBets we use Bet Trader. It’s got a free mode, the premium services are affordable, and it’s good for swing trading. I personally started using it as a newbie years ago and never needed to change. Take a look.

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