Best Grand National betting bonuses

The 172nd Grand National is nearly upon us. It’s the worlds most popular horse race.  Grand National day has a wide spread appeal from people who pick the horse with the silliest name to people who bet serious money on serious hunches.  Here are the best Grand National betting bonuses available.

When is the Grand National?

5.15 PM Saturday, 6 April 2019

What is the best betting bonus for the Grand National?

Let’’s featured and favourite bookmaker is Betfair.  New customer promotions and Grand National specific bonuses are available for the event.  Get a betting offer by betting on the sportsbook using traditional fixed odds or go to the betting exchange for modern sports betting and get a dedicated exchange betting bonus. Up to £100 in free bets is available for new members.  Place 5 x £10 or more bets to receive £20 which can be repeated up to 5 times.  Perfect for the Grand National and beyond.

Promotions at Betfair are simplicity at their best but check the terms and conditions for details like time limits.

Check the odds at Betfair here. Try out the Betfair exchange by betting up to £20 on the exchange and if your first bet loses get a refund of £20 in Cash back into your account.  Place this bet within 7 days of opening or lose it!

Reasons likes the Betfair exchange include; modern user interface making it easier for members to play bookmaker.  Choose runners on the exchange and offer lay odds for other Betfair members to accept at odds of your choosing…… letting you play bookmaker.

Simply lay a horse to lose.  Something that makes our featured betting system possible.

Cash out bets early for a profit or reduced loss, either before the races starts or during the race.  If the selected horse pulls ahead the odds often shorten presenting a window of opportunity where the bet can be exited for a profit even if the horse goes on to lose. Get more details about Betfair promotions. [box]Readers may notice the variety of promotions available for The Grand National.  Breadth and depth of betting offers is not restricted to horse racing.  Bookmakers are literally fighting each other to offer potential customers bonuses in a competitive market place.  An Ocean of betting promotions exists across all sports and other betting pastimes such as casino games. Discover how to scoop up bookmaker offers to increase your bank balance by enjoying a little known and legal loop hole to siphon off a little money from the betting market for yourself. Read the featured review for more information, click here. [/box]