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Profit accumulator is a service that gives punters a step by step guide to making risk free money from bookmakers. Each bet is kept relatively small and the initial starting money required is minimal.  Alternative betting systems like sports arbitrage betting often require a substantial investment to start.  This is not the way profit accumulator works.  Using technical speak the system uses bookmaker Betfair arbitrage, sometimes called bonus bagging, to produce a risk free income. Only a small amount of money can be turned into thousands of pounds using profit accumulator following a simple process.  We have reviewed the profit accumulator service to help our readers decide if it is a service they would like to use to make a second income to pay for life’s luxuries, a holiday, a new car, or to pay for university.  I made over £950 profit with this service, in the time spent reviewing it. All that’s required is a small initial investment to secure the first bonus, make a combined bet, and pay for the service to start accumulating bonuses and winnings.  That’s how the profits accumulate. This process of getting bonuses is something we have promoted at Let’s Compare Bets, and there are step by step instructions in our free ebook.  Something we do not do for our readers is check the bonus terms and conditions, or find the best events and matches to bet on.  Profit accumulator is useful because it does all the hard work for us. Saving time by getting the bookmaker and casino promotions, checking the terms and presenting instructions in an easy to use way. Before I continue with the review I should mention that the service is not available to US citisens, only those living in the UK, Ireland and some European countries can benefit.  Sorry guys. What I liked about the service was that it explains the process of matched betting in full making it easy to understand for the layman. The instructional videos where very useful. Betfair is the best way to do matched betting. An account with Betfair is essential. This link will open a separate page where you can sign up to Betfair. It’s free. The profit accumulator service gives users the exact bets to place and how much to bet to guarantee risk free profits.  As far as the bookmakers are concerned this is totally under the radar. In other words it is legitimate.  Bets with the bookmaker can win or loose it doesn’t matter.  Betting account activity looks totally normal avoiding any account closures, which is something that arbitrage traders dread.  This system is also completely legal.

As I joined they had over 1000 other people on the platinum service.  Something unique was that the group could get together on Facebook to talk about the service and betting opportunities, which is available on the platinum service only.  Visit the website. I don’t want to go into too much detail about how exactly the system works but it only take a few minutes every day. To be honest Let’sCompareBets couldn’t do a better job than they do at the Profit Accumulator website.  To keep things brief the system uses promotional offers by online bookmakers and casinos.  Betfair the matched betting website is used to totally cover any loosing bets from the promotional offers. Betfair is a betting exchange where lay bets are made. A lay bet can be made on a football team betting that it will lose. At the same time wager using bonus money can be made with the bookie, so that it doesn’t mater who wins or loses.  The result is that members can make a regular risk free profit (tax free in the UK) harvesting bookie and casino bonuses. Promotional offers are given to new account holders and regularly to existing account holders.  So the opportunities are continuous. For instance I just received a £200 cash bonus email from Betfair for betting on European football. All the details of bonus betting is explained in our free ebook available by joining our newsletter (to the side of the page), but Profit Accumulator does a much better job and will help members make money within 24 to 72 hours. The founder of Profit Accumulator is Sam Stoffel.  I found that Sam was very good at answering questions and was very punctual with listing the Profit Accumulator bets every day.  Sam checks the terms and conditions of the promotional offers to ensure there are no complications. Sam’s website is well presented and gives an easy to understand step by step instruction that will allow anyone to make money from this system. Readers can test the system using the free trial or get started with the platinum service straight away at an affordable money price: easily covered by the profits in the first month.  Visit Profit Accumulator now. A journalist for Gardian Newspaper writing in their consumer affairs section researched the same system and made £600. A discussion board on records the exploits of Donglemouse, who claims to have won £10,434 from new offers, and £19,736 from offers on existing accounts. This can not be done without Betfair. Visit Betfair here.

Profit Accumulator review final comments

To conclude, in my opinion this is a bit of fun, and can make some good money for a holiday or an income for serious people. Check it out. Please do not forget to like this page using the button below so your friends on Facebook can have a look.

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    I would say it depends why your are asking. I know some bookies with offer reload offers and more bonus bets. Others a bonus for opening an account and more bonuses for using their mobile application. There is such think as risk free betting. I know it…

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