Betting calculators

Betting calculators are an essential tool to help calculate the best combinations and permutations to bet. Multiple bets are enjoyable because small stakes can turbo charge the returns to levels which equal a National Lottery.  Multiple betting calculators will help improve the odds far beyond a National Lottery.  Multiple betting takes a bit of skill and knowledge about football, horse racing or whatever sports get you going. As well as turbo charging your winnings multiple bets can be used to hedge risk of a horse not winning or to make dutch books, excellent if you are using handicap ratings to pin point your horse or football selections.

Arbitrage betting is not possible without a betting calculator and is essential for sports arbitrage trading. That’s where two back bets are placed on the same event with different bookmakers to exploit small differences in the odds in order to generate a modest risk free profit. Back lay arbitrage bets between a bookmaker and Betfair are also a smart way to generate risk free winnings, especially popular with bonus arbitrage betting. Lets Compare asked our developers to design and produce back lay calculator for our visitors.

Pinnacle is often used as a bookmaker for sports arbitrage because they do not limit stake size.  The Pinnacle betting calculator is good for comparing margins available against Betfair and other bookmakers.