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Compare betting bookmakers

Getting the best bookmaker boils down to personal preference. People who have experience of online betting will be looking for features different to those who are new to online betting accounts. For instance someone new to betting online might be looking for the best bookmaker bonus to start betting. Experienced users might interested in bonuses for existing customers and customer service. Compare bookmaker accounts to discover what betting bookmakers have to offer. What to consider when comparing bookmakers.

  • Bookmaker bonuses should be a big factor.  These include new customer bonuses and generally the bookmaker will match 100% of your first deposit up to a certain level.  Sometimes the bookmaker will break down the bonus into smaller bonuses for people betting regularly.  Understandably bookmakers don’t people to open accounts and make one or two bets then close the account.  To prevent this bookmakers often use wagering requirements which explain how much the member must wager in order to withdraw their free bet.  In addition the bookmaker might allow bonuses to be wagered on certain markets only. Generally for new customers bonuses are available for most markets.
  • For existing customers bonuses include money back specials on specific markets,  enhanced odds and other refund promotions.
  • Deposit and withdrawal could be important.  Some bookmakers may allow more deposit methods than others.  Speed of withdrawal can vary between bookmakers, and some bookmakers take their time with sending money if there are many winning bets.  However, this tends to be a trial and error process.  In any case if the user can banned from one bookmaker they can make the most of the bonuses on offer with other bookmakers.
  • Competitive odds, and website features.  Bookmakers tend to focus on certain markets so one bookmaker may offers better odds on one market compared to another.  As standard most bookmakers present odds in fractional and decimal format.

Compare sports spread bet accounts

Sports spread betting companies are essentially normal bookmakers. Sports spread companies differ to normal bookmakers. Instead of setting odds in the traditional way they make a prediction on the outcome of an event. The punter backs their judgement by betting that the result will go above or below the spread. Spreads can be offered on most sporting events including soccer, cricket, F1, and much more. Compare sports spread betting accounts here. Sports spread companies attract new players by offering bonuses in a similar way to traditional bookmakers.  The largest sports spread companies offer larger bonuses and a more varied range of sports and betting markets. Sports spread betting is full of entertainment and good for adrenalin junkies. Lot’s of punters like to make spread bets when an event is play.

Compare betting exchanges

Betting exchanges thrive of liquidity. For a betting exchange to work they need lots of members who bet regularly. The betting exchange does not operate like a traditional bookmaker because members bet against each other’s judgement. If there is not liquidity in market bets may not get matched. The concept of matched betting is explained on the betting exchange’s website. Compare betting exchange accounts to see which exchanges have the most liquidity and the best odds. Apart from liquidity other factors that play a part in choosing a betting exchange include the number of markets, the option to choose multiple bets, live streaming video coverage of sports, and the option to ‘cash out’ bets for a profit of loss early.

Compare financial spread betting accounts

Financial spread betting companies make spreads based on what’s happening in the financial markets.  The spread changes on a day to day basis. Compare financial spread betting company’s here. The factors to consider when comparing spread betting companies include,

  • The spread, which varies depending on the financial market.  Popular spread betting companies may offer low spreads because they have a large volume of traders and are able to offer low spreads as a result.  As any frequent spread trader will know the spread is an important feature when choosing a spread betting company, because it increase the potential number of points profit on each trade, and the traders overall profitability.
  • The deposit margin is also important when choosing a spread betting company.  It is called a number of different names (initial margin, deposit factor and national trading requirement).   The deposit margin dictates how much money the trader needs on account to cover the potential loses from all open trades. The deposit margin varies between 5% to 25% depending on the market.  Shares traded on large share exchanges will have lower margin requirements than foreign exchanges or commodity markets.
  • The number of markets might also be important to traders.  Adventurous traders might be looking for foreign exchange markets, commodity markets, or may simply want to spread bet smaller company shares.
  • As with bookmakers spread betting companies also offer bonuses to attract custom. The traders account is credited with free money if they meet trading requirements.  Alternatively the spread betting company may cover loses on trades up to a certain amount.
  • Training.  Some spread betting companies offers excellent training for new traders.

Punters who are opening an online betting account often do so because their favourite sport is on shortly and they want the speed and convenience of placing a bet there and then.   One way to choose an account is by selecting the bookmaker with the best odds by using an odds comparison service like the one available at Let’s Compare Bets.

Choose your odds and claim your betting bonus.