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Betting is no exception to any other form of entertainment. In so far as there are many different types to choose from and various forms of betting to compete with our recreational time. Do an internet search for ‘betting’ and the results include many different websites; betting bookmakers offering odds on sports, financial markets, and novelty markets. Spread betting betting companies offering ‘the spread’ on financial markets and more. Invitations to try out betting systems…… not to mention online casinos. With the growing popularity and use of the internet by people from many walks of life and of all ages online betting is, sorry, has become massively popular. One of the aims of LetsCompareBets is to help our visits compare betting.

Types of betting

Broadley speaking betting can be divided into sports betting and financial betting. Both, sports and financial betting have relatively mature online betting markets. Within these types of betting there is a lot of aspects of betting to compare. Fixed odds betting is traditionally a more popular way of betting on sports, whereas spread betting, or floating odds, is often used for financial betting.

Fixed odds betting on sports can be done using three main types of bets. A win bet, each way bet and a lay bet.

A win bet is straight forward. The stake and the odds. How could we the forget, the winnings and the stake returned if the selection wins. The win selection can be on the horses, football, tennis, you name it.

Acculmulator betting adds a little adrenalin to standard win betting. Sometimes known as parlay betting an acculmulator bet is a win bet that links to a selection of other win bets. The winnings of each bet feed into the next thus acculmulating the return. The odds quickly add up and is a way to really strick it rich. The odds offered are more favourable than entering a lottery for example. All win selections have to pay out for the acculmulator to work. There are various type of acculmulator bet avaialble.

Each way betting is popular on horse races. An each way bet is basically two bets. A win bet and a place bet. The stake on an each way bet is doubled, for example, 10 pounds each way bet is actually 20 pounds; a 10 pound win bet and a 10 pound place bet.

The place bet is a way of hedging against the win bet loosing. So, if the bet nearly wins then you still profit (albeit a reduced profit). In practice the terms place bets vary depending on the type of sport. Betting on the horses the place betting means betting on first, second or third place.

Place only bets are also available. This is essentialy an each way bet without the win bet component.

Lay betting is basically backing that something won’t happen. That a horse won’t win, or that a football ball team won’t win a match. Online betting exchanges like Betfair have made it possible to make lay bets on many different aspects of sports.

Compare sports spread betting if you want to add some spice to traditional fixed odds betting on sports.

Compare betting odds

After deciding where to bet it is a good idea to compare betting odds to ensure you receive the most winnings for the stake. Betting bookmakers are always developing their technology to improve the online betting experience. Online technology has made it possible for comparison services to gather the odds from lots of bookmakers and allow the user to compare betting odds for various sports and events. Although the terms of service and betting terms may differ from one betting bookmaker to another. If you need to compare betting odds try the LetsCompareBets odds comparison service.

Compare betting bookmakers

Not all online betting bookmakers are same. Here is a list of things to consider when you compare betting bookmakers online. The types of bets available, the useability of the website, the odds offered and customer service. This is by no means and exhaustive list and depends entirely on what you want from the bookmaker. Try the guide to betting bookmakers to help compare.

Compare spread betting

Spread betting companies use floating odds on various aspects of sports or financial markets. Compared to fixed odds betting spread betting has some clear and real benefits as well as some drawbacks that a traditional fixed odds betting enthusiast may shy away from.

Compare spread betting companies to get the right set of features for sports or financial spread betting. Try starting with the online spread betting guide.

Compare betting arbitrage

Arbitrage betting includes financial arbtirage betting and sports arbitrage betting.