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The editor has selected some stories which may interest readers. For football betting the goal betting section may be of interest.

Alternatively the following stories may be interesting. With innovative betting markets, the ability to bet on selections to win and lose, with great odds, the humble betting exchange is no longer so humble. Betfair is a massive part of online sports betting nowadays. If you want to find out more about betting exchanges the article aims to compare Betfair to Betdaq: the most popular betting exchanges. If you want to learn more about the sports betting exchange in general you should visit the guide to betting exchanges on LetsCompareBets.com (the main site), by using the navigation to the left of the home page.

Sports spread betting is also growing in popularity. In particular football spread betting is fast becoming a great alternative to traditional fixed odds betting. The article comparing a goal spread betting to fixed odds betting shows you how spread betting can really spice up traditional sports betting.