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Click on the links below to learn more about fixed odds betting types and spread betting. There is lots of info to help to you find a betting type you enjoy.

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Sports betting at LetsCompareBetsSports betting is a popular pastime and enhances the experience of watching popular sports such as horse racing, UK football (or soccer), and tennis. Horse racing betting, football betting and tennis betting are all explained at Let’s Compare Bets. Simple and complex betting guides are provided on how to make bets online. Sports betting includes traditional fixed odds betting and sports spread betting (floating odds), use the compare betting section to get an at a glance view of different types of betting.

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Financial betting at LetsComapreBetsFinancial betting has developed as financial markets have been deregulated and includes share trading, financial fixed odds betting and financial spread betting. At Let’s Compare Bets visitors can get stock trading, financial fixed odds betting, and financial spread betting explained.

Financial betting includes spread betting in the UK, or share, currency and stock trading outside the UK. Let’s Compare Bets has a guide to spread betting which explains spread betting for novices and gives advice for people who want to start spread trading. The guide described how to trade in terms of mentality, what tools to use and spread trading strategy.

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Betting professionals use advance betting techniques, like handicapping systems use ratings to assess the chance of a particular football team or horse winning. The guide to sports betting strategy explores successful betting strategy using tried and tested techniques, gives further reading, investigates statistical analysis, and looks at how to be your own bookmaker.

Arbitrage betting

LetsCompareBets has a section dedicated to explaining sports arbitrage betting, visit sports arbitrage betting explained. Arbitrage betting services have been explained in the sports arbitrage software guide.

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