Some we at Let’s Compare Bets like about Smart Betting Club is that they consistently find the best tipsters.  People who can beat the bookmaker time and time again.  Something 99% of people can not do.  Visitors can get a full review of Smart Betting Club using the link in the top menu.  Don’t forget to make us favourite in your  browser if you will be visiting again.

Last week saw the release of the very latest Smart Betting Club Tipster Profit Report – containing everything you could ever possibly need to know to consistently take money off the bookmakers. 

This report contains the finer details on the 55 best performing tipsters that we have uncovered in the eight and a bit years we have been monitoring the tipping industry.

Each of the 55 tipsters are proven to have an edge over the bookies over several years. Including the likes of the free racing tipster with a tipping record in excess of 40% since 2013 (more about him shortly…)

Via the report you can read analysis on each service, view tipster league tables, independent ratings and rankings plus much more besides.

To give you an idea on how valuable this latest report is – here are a few highlights from what you can find this month….

1) The Free Racing Tipster Up 40% ROI in 2014

It’s always pleasing to see a tipster with an outstanding track record at the big race meetings and this expert certainly does that!  He has been churning out tremendous profits recently, with winners at 25/1, 25/1 and 18/1 in the last few weeks alone.

In fact, since the start of the year, this FREE racing specialist is running at a stunning 40% return on investment! And this is no one off…2013 rewarded followers with an overall 47% return on investment.

Smart Betting Club think this guy is better than Pricewise and what’s more a heck of a lot easier to follow and of course totally free.

2) The One-A-Day Double Your Bank Horse Racing Specialist

In each Tipster Profit Report Smart Betting Club put great emphasis on those tipsters who have the ability to grow your betting bank on a regular and consistent basis. Which is why this particular racing expert we track ranks so high in the tipster tables, despite providing just one tip a day.

Members of this service have literally doubled their initial starting bank from the start of the year, as they benefit from a regular supply of winners at good odds.

What’s more this service is flying at present, producing a return on investment for followers of 73% over the past two months. Yet it’s not just short term bursts they are interested in at the SBC.  This service has quadrupled its bank since proofing to us, over four years and 1,781 bets. And yep all from placing just 1 simple bet a day – It’s almost too easy!

3) The Rugby and Racing Expert with 170% Growth Through 2014

Riding high in all of our league tables – including in the “Best All Time Sports Betting” category, is this proven rugby and racing service that provides strong profit with incredible consistency.

A bank of just £1,000 invested on 1st January 2014 would now be worth an amazing £2,700 as at the end of September 2014. £1,700 profit in just 9 months is not to be sniffed at.

This is no flash in the pan either as that same £1,000 bank invested in January 2012 would have grown into £6,369, so you can see the massive boost this service can give to your betting profits.

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