As Editor of Let’ I am skeptical about racing tipsters, what if your first few bets lose, how long do you carry on to see if the tips return a profit over the long hall. Good questions, and, to be honest that has never interested me personally. Smart Betting Club takes the uncertainty out of following a tipster. They proof their featured tipster and let their members of the club vote on them.

We have long been a partner of Smart Betting Club and have no problem voicing how appreciation of how they promote the best tipster, systems and services for their active membership of successful punters, 70% of whom made a profit in 2015.

If you are looking for some top betting advice during the Cheltenham Festival then make sure you check out this amazing offer on how you can enjoy free trials with a series of highly profitable tipsters exclusive to Smart Betting Club.

These trials are being offered to all new Gold and Platinum Smart Betting Club members joining before 10pm this Monday the 14th March. Click here to subscribe now and get started.

A 7th tipster has been added to the expert tipster who have all offered to cover Cheltenham Festival 2016. Smart Betting Club are Sworn to secrecy on the identity of tipster 7, but he is a top-rated Hall of Fame racing expert with a stunning record over several years. Here is his betting record:

He is offering all new Gold or Platinum SBC members full access to his service FREE until the end of March as part of this special deal.

“Don’t delay as the sooner you get onboard, the sooner we can start your free trials.” said Peter Ling Editor of Smart Betting Club (SBC).

Make sure you join before 10pm this Monday the 14th of March to qualify for all 7 trials. Subscribe Now!

Join SBC today, you can enjoy everything from a 60-day trial with the racing guru up over 39% ROI (worth £89 alone) plus a whole series of 2 week trials from a variety of bonafide tipping experts.

Its all part of our quest to help showcase some of the very best tipsters we review and recommend and just how we can help you make money from your betting.

Altogether, access to these 6 tipsters would cost in excess of £250 if you were to join each of them yourself – yet they are now available as a special subscription bonus to anyone who signs up for either a Gold or Platinum SBC membership between now and 14th of March.

Once you join our fantastic service, we will fire over full details on each special trial and how you can get started following their expert advice.

Straight from Smart Betting Club…..

To help showcase just how amazing this offer is, here is a rundown on each of the tipster trials and just how much profit they can help to make you betting…

TIPSTER 1: Master Racing Tipster
OFFER: 60 day free trial – you choose when you want to start!
(A month’s access to this service usually costs £59.95)

First reviewed this service back in September 2015 and since then, Master Racing Tipster have really impressed us, based on the sums of money being made.

They have made some outstanding returns with 426 points profit from 872 bets at an incredible 39.30% ROI! At just simple £20 stakes, this equates to a £8536.00 profit in no time at all.

Profitable at Betfair SP as well as via early bookmaker prices, they are offering a 60-day trial exclusively to SBC members only – which you can start at any time.

TIPSTER 2: James Boyle Racing.
OFFER: 14-day trial
(3 months access to this service usually costs £130)

James is a ‘Hall of Fame’ rated tipster thanks to his betting expertise and the fantastic service he runs for his members.

He is offering an exclusive 14-day trial, which will include all of his Cheltenham Festival advice and much more besides. As James doesn’t tip everyday, he has made clear that his trial will include a full 14 days of actual betting advice, ensuring you get real value for money from your time with him.

In terms of results, James has been remarkably consistent hitting a 22% ROI from 1270 bets and 407.6 points profit over the past few years. At simple £20 stakes, this would have made you £8,152.00 profit.

TIPSTER 3: Northern Monkey Punter.
OFFER: 2 week trial – you choose when you want to start!
(1 months access to this service usually costs £45)

Northern Monkey is one of the most popular tipster services out there – winning the 2015 and 2016 SBC awards for best tipster thanks to the consistent profits on offer.

Supremely easy to follow with detailed daily email updates, you can start an exclusive 2-week trial of this service as an SBC member at any time.

This service has been making profits year-in, year-out for a long time with over 4000 tips under their belt and a profit of £8,202 at simple £20 stakes since they began.

TIPSTER 4: Even The Odds
OFFER: 2 week trial – Starting 14th March
(1 months access to this service usually costs around £80)

Even The Odds is a tremendous up-and-coming tipster which has made big waves in the betting world thanks to the steady profits being conjured up.

Already from their first 2300+ bets they have made over 330 points profit at a ROI of 11.35%. At just £20 stakes, this would have left you with a profit of £6,748.00 in no time at all!

In an exclusive deal and the first of its kind for them, Even The Odds are starting a 2 week trial on the 14th March. This will include all of their Cheltenham Festival advice and a lot more besides!

TIPSTER 5: Sam’s Specials
OFFER: 2 week trial – Starting 14th March
(1 months access to this service usually costs £20)

Sam has been running his busy racing tipping service for 2 years now and has quietly built up a very impressive set of stats. Already he has put up more than 5000 tips, making in excess of 900 points profit and all at a ROI of 11.13%.

His is a service ideal for those of you who like to place several bets each day and at just £20 stakes he would have made you upwards of £18,000 from Feb 2014.

Sam is also offering a special 2-week trial starting on the 14th March where you can access all of his tips including his Cheltenham advice as a new SBC member.

TIPSTER 6: PJA Racing Form Bets

OFFER: 2 week trial – Starting 14th March
(1 months access to this service usually costs £20)

The final tipster offering a free trial is the relative newcomer, PJA Racing and their revamped ‘Form Bets’ service, which although only a few months old, does come from a proven source.

Prior to focusing solely on their ‘Form Bets’ service, PJA Racing oversaw 2 profitable Flat & National Hunt Racing only services for several years and so do come with a profitable tipping pedigree.

From their first 276 Form Bets, PJA have made a 47 point profit at a ROI of 19% so have started well and will make a fine addition to any Cheltenham tipping portfolio.

They are offering a 2-week trial of their service, which will also start on the 14th March.

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