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We have reviewed a large selection of online bookmakers. For a quick glance at which bookmakers we have reviewed look below. Feel free to click the link to read review.

Betfair Review

Bodog Sports Review

BetonMarkets Review

Betfred Review

Betinternet Review

Boylesports Review

Blue Square Review

Ladbrokes Review

ExtraBet Review

Canbet Review

Pinnacle Sports Review

Betfair review

Betfair is a betting exchange. Betting exchanges are unique because you can offer your own odds on sporting events. Betfair revolutionised the online betting bookmaker market by allowing people to do things that were not possible before. Such as allowing people to become their own sportsbook betting bookmaker. Betfair has allowed various scalping systems and horse lay betting systems to develop. There are people making a regular income from scalping on Betfair and horse race laying on Betfair.

Bodog sports / Bodoglife .com review

Bodoglife is one of the world’s most successful and well-established digital entertainment and betting book makers. Bodog sports is the trading style of Bodoglife .com. Bodoglife .com offers a very good joining cash bonus for newcommers to all their online activities.

BetonMarkets Review

BetonMarkets has revolutionised financial fixed odds betting. You can take fixed odds bets on currencies and shares with a range of clever fixed odds betting types.

A handful of betting bookmakers offer betting on financial markets, but, Betonmarkets has made betting on financial markets more interesting.

You can occasionally find a BetonMarkets free bet designed to tempt people from sports fixed odds betting to financial fixed odds betting.

Betfred Review was set up by Fred Done one of the most respected figures among betting bookmakers. Fred Done is also a Director or the Association of Bristish bookmakers (ABB). They offer a full range of sportbook betting. In particular they offer additional fixed odds betting on football and horse racing as these areas are very popular in the UK.

Boylesports Review

Boylesports is the largested idependant online betting bookmaker in Ireland and one of the biggest in the UK. Boylesports has an excellent web site which is easy to navigate.

Blue Square Review

Blue Square was baught by Rank in 2003. Since the humble beginnings of Blue Square this betting bookmaker has grown consideratbly. have a good selection of markets as well as additional features like Blue Square TV, i Bar and Blue Square centre.

Ladbrokes Review

Ladbrokes has a massive offline highstreet branch network and is the largest betting bookmaker in the UK. Ladbrooks has invested a great deal into their online betting bookmaker efforts and it shows.

Pinnacle Sports Review ( is a leading international online fixed odds betting site serving customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. Founded in 1998, was the first betting bookmaker to introduce a reduced margin pricing model with odds that offer up to 60% better value than traditional bookmakers. For more info on Pinnacle Sports betting click through more info.

Canbet Review

Canbet was started in 1995 and is one of the UKs largest online betting bookmakers. Canbet is an international betting bookmaker and attracts customers worldwide. Customers from UK, Canada, Singapore and the Netherlands are welcome at Canbet. Unfortunately customers in the USA can’t bet due to gambling regulations. Canbet has a great selection of ‘in play’ fixed odds betting.

Extra Bet Review

Extra Bet is a relative new comer and is owned by one of the most established spread betting groups, IG Index. Extrabet offer floating odds on sports and financial markets and have some great novalty markets.