Small stake spread betting companies help beginners to financial spread betting learn the ropes. With any spread betting strategy it is good to start trading with real money as soon as possible. This helps instill the traits needed for successful financial spread trading. Begginers benefit from small stake spread betting because it removes some of the pressures with making losing trades.

Stake size is a important factor when it comes to choosing a spread betting company to start spread betting. A minimum stake spread betting comparison is difficult because spread betting companies can change the minimum stake requirements at any time.

A small stake enables a budding spread trader to commit less of their trading bank per trade. Commiting less money per trade risks less of the spread betting bank, and thus reduces the overall risk to the trader.

Each spread bet has to be covered by a margin. It is the margin that determines how much money is needed in the spread betting account to maintain a trade. Margin rates are set by the spread betting provider and are another important factor when choosing the correct provider.

Spread betting companies set the minimum stake size and margin rates depending on what type of customer they want to attract and their own trading performance. As such, stake size and margin rates are subject to change and it is difficult to track which spread betting providers are offering the best deals.

Easy2spread once offered very small stake sizes. Easy2spreadbet has swallowed by Finspreads, the parent company, due to general consolidation in the market. However, Finspreads do offer some of the lowest stake size spread bets available online.

Another important factor to consider is the spread available in different markets. For example, spread traders who regularly trade cash / or rolling markets would generally want small or tight spreads, to make extra points on their trading.

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