Let’s hope that visitors have not missed the Betfair betting exchange bonus.  Bet up to 15 GBP on any exchange game and get up to 15 GBP as a risk free bet completely free if the first bet loses.  Exchange games are great for Roulette, Texas Holdem, and  Blackjack.  What’s more the promotion is good for people who like casino systems.  There’s one slight problem.  The Betfair exchange games betting bonus is invitation only. 🙁

Don’t be offended if you’ve missed out on this bonus.  People who don’t have a Betfair account wouldn’t have had the invite.  Betfair send existing customers regular promotions and betting bonuses.  It is not likely that you haven’t heard about Betfair before, especially since they floated on London Stock Exchange.  But….

If you have not heard about Betfair now is the time to learn move about Betfair.  Betfair is a betting exchange and is the evolution of traditional bookmakers.   Betfair and betting exchanges in general are no perfect but almost. Readers might like to get betting exchanges explained or to get Betfair explained.

So as not to miss out of various promotions now is the time to visit Betfair to open an account.  New customers get a free bet.  There are a whole host of reasons to use a betting exchange like Betfair.  Here are a few, excellent value odds on sporting events, a chance to try exchange trading like scalping on horse races or swing trading, and betting bonus arbitrage (which is a way of sneakily getting free money from bookmakers :))  If you like Let’s Compare Bets.com don’t forget to add us as a favourite (control D on your keyboard) or sign up to our news letter (got to the top right of the home page).

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