Betfair is different to all the other bookmakers.  Betfair do not care if you win or loose, it’s all the same to them, because they have side stepped the bookmakers.  We like Betfair not only due to the smart way they have shaken up the online betting industry, but, because Befair channel some of their profits back into sports:  from giving 10% to UK horse racing to donating to the animal welfare trust.  All hail Betfair, Okay, that’s taking things a little to far.

Betfair free bet number 1

Odds move around on the Betfair betting exchange due to the laws of supply and demand.  If lots of punters want to back a selection the odds will shorten.  The odds will increase if lots of people bet that the selection will not win.

Moving odds allow punters to make free bets by backing or laying at one price (odds) and laying or backing at another. The rule of thumb is back high lay low.  Here’s a situation where this Befair free bet method would have worked well.

Wimbledon 2012.  Roger Federer went two sets down against the much lower ranked Julian Benneteau.  Federer’s odds increase as his performance dipped.  After Federer regained his composure the odds decreased as he looked more likely to win.  If a back bet was placed after going two sets down, a corresponding lay bet could have been placed to secure a risk free bet.

Betfair have made this process easy with the ‘cash out’ button.  You can’t miss the yellow button that provides a real time snap-shot of what the bet is worth.  Place a back bet.  If the odds increase the bet value is negative.  Decreasing odds result in a positive value.

 Betfair free bet number two

Take advantage of bookmaker free bet offers using Betfair.  Bookmakers often give punters a free money if they sign up and deposit a small amount of money.  Or the bookmaker will match loosing bets.

Choose a bet to make with the bookmaker.  Keep open and the same time and check the lay odds for the selection.   Make a back bet with the bookmaker and lay the same selection.  The Betfair bet cancels out any loses from the bookie (or vice versa) and gets you a bonus bet for free.   To work out the stakes just search for a Betfair back lay arbitrage calculator and enter the odds.

Sometime the odds will align so that the lay odds are lower than the back odds available at the bookmaker.  This will give you a guaranteed profit.  Check out bookmaker bonus bets here.

 Betfair free bet number three

Betfair offer a free bet for new players anyway.  Sign up for an account, deposit some money, and they will refund your first loosing bet.   After using your free bet you can proceed to use Betfair free bet strategies above!  Get a Betfair free bet.

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