As a customer, punter, arbitrage trader, and general user of Pinnaclesports, I thought it’s time I give this bookmaker a mention here on As a critically minded reviewer it’s striking (to me at least) that the website looks quite outdated. That’s strange because is one of the most widely used bookmakers on the internet. Internet only and with many customers worldwide has to function properly for a wide range of user web browsers, so possibly that’s why the site is a bit old fashioned. So why do they have so many customers?

Here we review lots of bookmaker promotions and free bet offers, but, Pinnacle Sports don’t offer a free bet. Instead it’s every day best odds on a range of sports. American sports particularly, like NBA Basketball, NFL Football, and Major League Baseball. UEFA Champions League betting is another popular market. But, if you want to bet on table tennis that’s no problem as well.

Serious bettors are welcomed, it’s no betting shop highs street bookmaker, they’ll not close down winning accounts or limit people with big budgets. The high limits on offer make it a great offer, particularly considering, bet’s can be ‘rolled’ up. Here’s a customer testimonial, taken from

“You can bet that £40,000 over and over again, there is no true limit at Pinnacle, takes 3 seconds, no questions asked, and low juice most importantly, you could literally bet millions on this match. It’s crazy actually. Shows how sharp that line is.”

Small bets are also taken with a minimum limit of £1.

High limits attracts arbitrage trading and arbitrage betting is actively encouraged.  No fear restriction being applied or getting an account limited due to the suspicions of the bookie.

In their own words here’s why arbitrage players use Pinnacle Sports,

  • Arbitrage players are not discriminated against.
  • Limits are not applied subjectively.
  • Accounts will not be closed due to arbitrage activity.

Live betting is also available.  So, out of a bad bunch, Pinnacle Sports is a stand out bookmaker with features making it unique among it’s rivals.  Who cares if the website it out of date.

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