Risk free betting systems have been really popular here. Let’s Compare Bets.com has reviewed these systems and found them to be as genuinly good earners. It won’t make you rich but it can quickly make enough money for a new TV or a holiday, or even to produce an income. When all the bonuses get used up profits do tend to slow down because existing bonuses are fewer. That is where Profit Maximiser comes in.

You will already have been able to extract £1000 – £10000 from the system in a matter of months. Profit Maximiser unlocks more bonuses and enhances your income.

I will be honest and say we only review services which help people raise some extra cash and even generate a fresh income.

Personally I have found the process of doing risk free bets time consuming due to having to check terms and conditions and finding the right events to bet on. What I really wanted was someone to do the work for me.

I have really enjoyed reviewing both Profit Accumulator by Sam Stoffel and Bonus Bagging by Mike Cruickshank. Both Profit Accumulator and Bonus Bagging help turn a small amount of starting money say £100 into thousands of pounds in a short period of time (1 to 6 months), depending on how often you want to make the bets.

Now, don’t get me wrong both these systems are great and have helped many people benefit from this legal loophole.  Profit Maximiser is the next logical step after using up the bonus offers from online bookmakers, because it teaches you how to profit from bookmaker Betfair arbitrage without needing new account holder bonuses.

Profit Accumulator allows members to get together on Facebook and share ideas to increase their profits.  It’s fantastic and a great way to make profits.  One couple followed Mike’s instructions and made £680 profit in 18 days.  In their words it ” Certainly beats working for a living “.  We can’t add  more than that.

Visit Profit Maximiser here.  Highly recommended if you have used all your new account holder bookmaker bonuses or you have a larger starting budget available.

For anyone who hasn’t opened a bookmaker account before or doesn’t have many accounts, both Profit Accumulator or Bonus Bagging are highly recommended. Bonus Bagging is a one off payment and Profit Accumulator is a monthly subscription. Both have cast iron money back guarantees. People outside the UK can normally access these systems using methods that are discussed by members who have signed up.

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