Football betting guide

Football, or soccer if your prefer, is very popular in Europe. Growing in popularity has made football betting markets increase in size. If you enjoy football and want to enhance the experience with careful wagering or if you prefer to follow football betting systems Let’s Compare Bets football betting guide will point you towards football betting tips, information on football bet trading and football strategies, and the best football betting odds. There’s also a selection of great deals for football betting from respectable betting bookmakers.

football bets explained

Those new to football betting may want to get football bet types explained, look right.

Football betting tipsters

Let’s start with football tipsters. Online football tipsters are common.  Free football tips can be unreliable but websites can help rank tipsters to show which ones are most profitable.

The best and most profitable tipsters are difficult to find. Not to mention expensive if tested on a trial and error basis. The best tipsters are open to having their tips tested and proofed by a third party. To get the best tips from reliable tipster try the services of a betting club. There are various betting clubs that work to find the very best tipsters on a regular basis. These clubs often have exlusive deals with tipsters so they don’t get over subscribed and lose their edge. For a review of betting clubs on the Let’s Compare Bets blog follow this link.

Football betting tips?

Its a good idea to use a set off rules for choosing your bets. In this guide we suggest using past results and statistics to aid selecting bets.

There are some basics that should be used if you are placing football bets.

Find value when looking for football betting odds. That is to say odds where the rewards outweigh the perceived risk.

See if there is a trend with home and away form. Match results from the latest season would be most useful. This should be used for wins, draws, and loses (called 1X2betting), as well as goal bets, corners bets and various other football fixed odds bets.

Look at more form factors. Form factors can be used to help select the odd bet or can be used in a football rating system. Recent form should be considered, and is often given more ‘weighting’ in ratings systems. Non participation though injury or absence needs to be factored in. Obviously some players are much more important than others. Goalkeepers and defenders are usually key to a team’s competitive position. Also consider how the team captain is playing. A leaderless team can have a big effect.

Derby games are often hard fought games where the normal form factors can get distorted. The natural home advantage is often reduced. The visiting away team often brings a large crowd and is ‘up for it’ so can equal the most fierce rivals.

Other factors. Consider the weather. A water logged pitch can reduce the speed of passing and width of play. Or recent play. Have they had a long flight or a grueling schedule. How is the manager performing, is his position safe? These are the sorts of things that often go unnoticed by the bookmakers making it possible to find value bets.

For the adventurous try to work out the probability of different outcomes in the game first. Then convert this into odds to see if it offers value compared to the bookies odds. Resist looking at the bookies odds first. This is really an art and a science in one (so it’s not essential as it’s not easy!). Using a ratings system will help massively with this.

Football betting systems?

We will dispel some myths about fixed odds football betting systems and teach you to use your own system. All you need is access to information and the know how to spot the best football fixed odds betting opportunities. Football betting systems don’t need to be complex. In fact some of the best are quite simple. For more visit the blog.

First lets consider the effectiveness of football betting systems. Football betting systems may not remain profitable over the long term. More often than as lots of people start using a system the profitability reduce profits. Although this does depend on the mechanics of the system. A ‘weight of money’ behind specific selections tends to effect the odds so as to reduce returns. The best betting systems are exclusive to a limited number of people. Quite often betting clubs get access to the newest systems and get to try them before general release. What’s more betting clubs often have their own systems available to members only. Visit the review of betting clubs to get more information.

Often people use a betting system that is available to many people and use it as a base to develop their own system.

Access to information is massively important when it comes to fixed odds football betting.

The information that can really help with football betting includes corner stats, for and against; goals scored, for and against; and ball possession. This information can be used to work out average goals, corners and bookings points etc, for each team. What useful is that the performance of each tends to return to the average over the season. If there are no major changes to the team between seasons the averages should hold true. If key players change or their is a change of major then the situation can change. Remember the odds my not reflect these changes, which results in a value betting opportunity.

Football bet trading?

Football bet trading is made possible by betting exchange platforms like Betfair and Betdaq. Betting exchanges like Betfair and Betdaq are unique because it is possible to bet that something won’t happen. This is called lay betting.

The football betting market is very large. A betting exchange relies on lots of money entering the market. Due to the size of the football betting market, especially on Betfair, the odds on various football betting markets move around a lot. If the odds move it is possible to back a selection for something to happen and lay the same selection that it won’t happen. Or vice versa. This process is the foundation of football bet trading on a betting exchange.

Betfair has a basic user interface that makes it difficult to trade the exchange.  For this reason various companies have developed exchange trading software specifically for trading bets. The best exchange trading software providers have been review on the blog. Features like one click betting, the ladder view and betting charts make betting on football faster and smother than normal, which helps the bet trader make more profitable trades.

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