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Exchange trader software is the ultimate addition to any serious betting exchange trader. Let’s Compare Bets reviewers have given feedback on various aspects of Bet Angel, Bet Trader, and Market Feeder Pro. This review will compare exchange trading software using features, user interface, advanced trading options, free subscriptions and more. Use the comparison table below for a quick comparison of the best Betfair trading software reviewed.

What the review found was that each trading software company has something different to offer people who have experience with bet trading on Betfair and Betdaq, or want to start learning exchange trading. The following sections describe the main advantages for experienced traders and novices. For an in depth review of Bet Angel, Bet Trader Evolution, or Market Feeder Pro click the review links from the table.

Exchange trading software for experienced traders

Bet Angel has some very good and well polished all round features for experienced traders. Developed by a trader who has made a living from bet trading on Betfair it has been tailor made for traders in mind. The design aides the speed of making the repetitive processes required for exchange trading quickly and easily. It has automatic triggered betting to automate aspects of trading with an option to go a step further by using the programming power of Microsoft Excel.

Bet Trader Evolution, in a similar way to Bet Angel, was conceived by a trader. In this instance a trader who has made a living from scalping on Betfair. Bet Trader has been made with this in mind and is very good for fast one tick betting on horse racing and other markets on Betfair. It doesn’t offer as many features as Bet Angel but does have a limited number of automated betting features like fill or kill trades and stop loss. In comparison Bet Angel offers a larger array of automated betting features for the serious exchange trader. Both have good support and lots of training material. Currently Bet Trader is about 25% less for a subscription than Bet Angel.

Developed by a software house with the intention of providing a service to bet traders Market Feeder Pro is packed with lots of triggered betting options. The range of triggered betting options is large and doesn’t require traders to learn a lot about Microsoft Excel like Bet Angel does. What it does for triggered betting options it lacks in user interface which will take some learning. Traders who focus on simple yet profitable trading strategies may be put off by all the triggered betting options. Bet Trader is better for simplicity but not for automated betting options.

For the Betfair trading novice

It’s a fair to say that someone new to exchange trading or to using exchange trading software will be searching for good training material, support and possibly the use of free bet trading software to practice.

Bet Trader

* has an excellent free version with more features than Bet Angel Basic (which is free). These include one click betting and an option to use ladder or grid view. It is also possible to ‘green up’ or auto hedge where a position is hedged across the whole market to ensure a profit no matter what happens.
* Bet Trader has a trading mode option as part of their subscription.

Visit Bet Trader Evolution

Bet Angel

* A free version but with few features needed for trading.
* Normally a trial period at a reduced cost or free where the user can get used to all the features of Bet Angel Pro.
* A range of tools suited to all types of exchange trading giving novices the option to start simple and develop more skills.

Market Feeder Pro

* There is a free to trial version available for people who want to test the software for their requirements.
* Not as user friendly as the other two, but, has lots of advanced options.

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