The new Smart Betting Club racing issue was released yesterday.  Smart Betting Club emailed Let’s Compare Bets to let us know.  What’s special about this issue, well, Smart Betting Club have never done a tipster awards before, but they have now.  For those who are not aware of Smart Betting Club they exist to find the best betting tipsters over time and advise subscribers about who to follow and for how long.  A stock broker for the betting world.  Which tipster to invest in.  That’s part of Smart Betting Club’s membership: visit the Smart Betting Club review for more.
Mike and the team at Smart Betting Club like to dig deep into tipster performance and provide an analysis of how good they are over the long term.  The tipster awards have condensed a whole load of research and separated the winners from losers of the tipster world.  Edition 64 is a bumper edition and what we like is the timing.  It is a good time to review performance as the flat racing season ends and the jump season is just wining up.   Now is a good juncture to investigate which tipsters have scaled the heights of the summer and start of the winter season.  The rest of this post is courtesy of Smart Betting Club and explains about the  inaugural tipster awards.

·         Best of the best for winter racing

·         Value for money

·         Best low cost tipster over the winter.

·         Best NH Specialist tipster

These awards have been purposely designed to help navigate the tipster market, and help decide which racing expert(s) to follow in the future!

Results for tipster have presented in a snap shot over 6 months, 12 months and all time.

This bumper edition also includes:

·         A first year review of Equine Investments’ new Turnover Service. Equine Investments is one of the hottest subscriptions in the tipster industry, the industry leader over the last five years, but how do they perform under the SBC microscope?

·         A fascinating Q&A with Will Lattimore from At The Races where he reveals his hit list of UK and Irish tracks to avoid – those UK tracks where you are literally wasting your time and money having a bet. The racecourses themselves won’t like it but as a punter, this advice is literally priceless!

·         A review of Antepost specialist Paul Jones’ private service which kick-starts this month.

To find out more about what the latest edition of the Smart Betting Club can offer visit the blog (opens a new window).  To get updates from Let’s Compare Bets just click one of the subscribe buttons top right.

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