Smart Betting Club are brining you this message because the latest Horse Racing betting magazine is being released in the next 24 hours.  With major horse racing events around the corner including Royal Ascot, which is literally nearly upon us, the Smart Betting Club horse race betting magazine is an absolute must see for anyone keen to get the latest on what makes money betting on horses.

Smart Betting Club have been known for helping people find the best tipster with their Tipster Statistics Report and review of betting systems.  The latest horse racing betting magazine gives readers an insight into betting methods that work from a good racing tipster.  The last 7 years consistently making a respectable margin has shown this tipster to be worth listening too.  His advise is also exclusive .

Would you want to know about a tipster who has generated more than £3000 from £10 stakes in less than two years: over £1200 in the last 3 months alone. It’s this skill of picking long odds winners that makes Smart Betting Club rate the tipster so highly.

Regular readers have been introduced to a low risk trading strategy in a previous issue.  This updates informs how to make it work for you own style of betting.  SBC’s resident trading guru has been giving webinars of his trading for forum members to follow.  After 23 trades he has made £237 already.

Here at Let’s Compare Bets we have written about the pit falls and tribulations that people often have when choosing a tipster. No body likes getting suckered into a scam.  SBC have produced a step by step guide to choosing the right tipster (no more shysters!).  Steve Lewis Hamilton is a well known tipster in horse racing sector.  There is a hard hitting review of his tips to see what he’s made of.

Subscribers still get all the latest stats, reviews and updates that SBC members have grown accustomed too.  Not to mention free strategies and systems to download and join in on in the members forum.

Join today via to gain instant access.

Two Issues For The Price of One!

At the beginning of May, SBC took the decision to relaunch our SBC Monthly magazine, in response to subscriber demand.

What SBC have come up with is TWO NEW EDITIONS with a natural split of traditional content new press. The results are SBC SPORTS BETTING and SBC HORSE RACING.

The good news is that despite now producing TWO issues each month, ALL monthly content is still covered by the ONE Smart Betting Club membership.

To find out what other benefits are available to members of SBC follow this link to learn more.  It’s a limited offer so the time to visit their site is now!  Amongst other things on the SBC landing page there are details of the no-quibble money back guarantee.  SBC have a nothing to gain nothing to lose policy.

Let’s here from a long time subscriber of Smart Betting Club.  He was quoted recently.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you and Dan for the tremendous service you provide with SBC. After 3 1/2 years of semi-professional gambling, think I’ve finally got the portfolio, experience and general set-up I’ve been striving for. SBC has played a big part in this with service reviews, thought-provoking articles and facilitating access to an active peer group.”

We are told the price is rising soon.  The Smart Betting Club really is fantastic service when the price and full 12 month money back guarantee is taken into account.

Seriously, no small print and no hidden conditions. The Smart Betting Club is brought to the public by Dan Jones, Mike Bishop and Greg Gordon.  Find out more .

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  1. True about Steve Lewis hamilton i must Warn You. Beware do not join his membership.
    Huge losses overall. In a last free months had a one fortunate winner (won only because other 4 horses fell). Promises a huge returns on his advised tips, but its just an empty words. Runs a service review weekly and keeps giving an empty promises that next week will turn the things round. I have closely been monitoring this guy and no profits in a last 2 years. So have a good think before you consider joining.

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