Ron Robinson is a race horse betting handicapper and Smart Betting Club is a betting club.   What do they have in common?  They both run a special for the Cheltenham horse racing festival.  An expose of Ron Robinson was done recently because he does something different to other tipsters.  First he’s not really a tipster.  He gives away his handicaps for free.  Not really for free, in fact he encourages a donation. What made it news worthy was that the donation is for Charity, and he promotes a Cheltenham horse betting special for the same reason.  Most definitely worth a mention.

Ron’s information is for free or almost free.  Smart Betting Club have produced a more detailed guide which is a easier to digest for the average guy or gal.   A recent review of Smart Betting Club found that they are skilled of finding good tipsters and betting professionals to make tips and provide advice.  What’s more the rock solid money back guarantee makes it a no brainer.

The special includes:

  • Free tips from racing expert Scott Armstrong
  • An expert guide on how to play market movers at the festival, which are excellent for Betfair trading.
  • A tease of the 4 Pronged attack and our racing tipster awards which should increase conversions.

The guide will be released on March 6th, to anyone who signs up via this link.  The count down to Cheltenham begins!

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