This insane include the ‘negative staking plan’ often known as the Martingdale staking plan, which increases the amount to bet each time you lose. A sure fire way to empty your betting bank.

A level staking plan or fixed taking plan is more sensible. Divide types of bets into varioius categories. Favourites, medium odds, and long shots is a good start. Assign rules to help define your selections. Stick to the rules so that you know your potential gains and loses. The percentage should remain the same. It is best to risk a relatively small amount of your betting bank on each bet; up to 5%.

Consider ‘plateau’ staking, a good staking plan that is an extended form of the fixed staking plan. You bet a percentage of your betting bank. If you are doing well the amount you bet increases. If you start loosing and the amount you bet decreases.

For a sports betting strategy we’d recommend taking the best features of these two types of staking plan. As follows…

Use a point system of 1 to 10 ‘points’. 10 being the strongest, most confident bet. You will learn how to decide what is a confidant bet. First we’d recommend looking at the odds, similar to the fixed staking plan (short, medium and long).

A ‘point’ can be whatever amount you want. Some people might want to bet £5 (or currency equivalent) per point, others, £100 per point. Whatever you decide a ‘point’ means to you, it is advisable to stick closely to the staking plan. So, you would bet three times as much on a 3-point bet as you would a 1-point bet, twice as much on a 6-point bet as you would a 3-point bet, and so on. Then set an upper limit. For example, never risk more than 5% of the points you have in your betting bank.

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