Competitive drone racing is flying on our screens for the first time. The Drone Racing League run a number of competitive drone racing events around the world and have just signed a deal with Sky Sports. Viewers will be able to watch 10 one hour episodes of some of the best drone racers in battle for the World Championship title.

Drone are not any old remote controlled plane. Racing operates at high speed and the courses offer a complex array of obstacles. Luckily drones have high tech controls and amazing manoeuvrability testing the pilots skills to the limit.

Drone Racing League racing offer first person view or FPV where the pilot uses a headset which gives them and the viewer a drone’s eye view of the course. It’s skill and ingenuity that will win the day as all the drones are the same.

Drones are the size of a dinner plate and fly at speeds of 80 mph. TV producers will be tested to give viewing pleasure and they are investigating clever ways to do this. Professional race courses are in America but drone racing is on it’s way to the UK too. This is like competitive video gaming turbocharged. Drone racing will be on people’s TV and tablets. Audiences may also be offered special headsets to get FPV beamed straight to the viewer.

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