Whitney Houston was found unconscious in her hotel room in Beverley hills. The death of the 6 Grammy award winning singer came as a shock to those close to her, especially as she was planning a ‘come back’ record. Why is it that so many celebrities decide to spend so much time in hotels and battling with drug addictions? There is a list as long as your arm… the cocktail of drugs and fame is obviously very hard to overcome. Celebrity betting

Some celebs are natural hell raisers and revel in the media frenzy that living this type of lifestyle creates. Recent headlines like ‘Katie Perry reveals she had a drink problem’ are obviously a vain attempt at generating news interest. Others, Whitney Houston, and Micheal Jackson included, let things spiral out of control. It’s possible that the same media outlets that celebrities covet are the ones that help cause their decline, and worsens the slippery slope of drink and drug dependency. All this generates many headlines and stories for the gossip hungry public.

Could celebrity betting ‘suck in’ as contentious a prediction as celebrity death? Who would be next? Demi Moore, or Courtney Love? Let’s hope not, but, as distasteful as it sounds it’s a possibility. Bloggers already write posts like ‘top 10 celebrity drug users’ and ‘who’s the next celeb to go bankrupt?’ No surprise that Whitney Houston was number 2 on the ‘top 10 celebrity drug users’ list.

Entertainment betting is a novelty and falls under the banner of novelty betting. It’s really just a bit of fun that no one really takes it seriously. Perhaps celebrity death betting will be allowed. Those looking for a bit of morbid fun might one to seek out a celebrity death race. It only takes a couple of minutes of surfing the web to stumble upon the gory details.

Harmless fun or morally corrupt it’s unlikely death betting will take hold, not least because predictions often have a habit of full fulfilling themselves, but don’t expect the tide of celebrity and novelty betting to subside any time soon.

Most reputable bookmakers currently stick to novelty bets like ‘will there be snow at Christmas?’, ‘who will win the US presidential elections race?’, or ‘who’s going to win The X Factor?’.

The Oscars are on they way… which might be a less morbid why to enjoy celebrity betting. Brad Pitt has said he will work as a Deckhand if George Clooney gets the best actor award. The two actors are friends and are notorious for playing pranks on one another. Bet365 have some great Oscar specials on offer (new users can enjoy a generous betting bonus to get started).

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