Youtube is a wonderful thing. It’s not so great for betting resources, horse racing, football, tennis and the like, but it’s great for killing time :). Check out this video, I for one, bet he can’t freeze a bottle of beer in seconds. No… void that bet. If he couldn’t freeze a bottle of beer in seconds then this video [below] wouldn’t have been watched, wait for it, almost 1 and a half million times. Yikes.

The beers aren’t on us, it’s all frozen.

Here’s another. What are the odds that a squirrel would survive getting run over by a Lamborghini going over 100 MPH? Here is a video of a squirrel getting squashed by a sports car 🙂

That little critter is on form. Next he’ll be taking on a Lewis Hamilton. That really would have cleared out the bookmakers.

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