X Factor has crossed the Atlantic and Simon Cowell will try to conquer the United States with X Factor USA. Love it or hate it the format of watching ‘everyday’ people getting exploited and humiliated on TV for the amusement of the masses is big. The X Factor is getting bigger. Simon Cowell has rebuffed his former employers on POP Idol which is essentially the US version of the X Factor. Cowell wasn’t a stake holder and decided he’d rather go to war with POP Idol than work for them. It’s great headline grabbing stuff and bizillions of people will be watching the shows.

The first X Factor USA advert was aired for the first time in the middle of the Superbowl. For something the cost £1.9 million to show the advert it’s self seems a bit boring, but, it marks the start of the marketing machine. Here’s the advert.

Why all the interest in the X Factor USA?

Apart from being an exhibition of America’s talent and personally, evoking a curiosity of wanting to see if Simon Cowell will fall flat on his face in his attempt to rise to the top of the US TV ratings, it will be great for novelty betting.

What does hype, massive viewer ratings and a sprinkling of pop songs equal? A gargantuan betting market. X Factor betting will be big. The X Factor USA and X Factor (UK) offer some great betting opportunities. The odds on X Factor contestants don’t just move they make Atlantic size leaps. This is why the x factor is good for betting.

Due to the unique features of Betfair it is possible to bet on X Factor contestants to make an equal profit whether they win or lose. Befair lets member bet that a contestant will will the competition and that they won’t win the competition. In a nut shell X Factor betting strategy relies on making a back bet on a contestant at long odds. Usually right at the beginning the odds available will be very long. That’s because there are so many contestants. The skill is picking the ones with good voices and pop star qualities. As the best contestants move through competition their odds shorten. By making a lay bet (that is to say a bet that the contestant won’t win) at lower odds than the back bet made previously it guarantees a profit on that selection.

How to choose the contestants for X Factor betting?

A short list of the best contestants should be made. Try following the guidance shown at the end of this article on Why is the X Factor good for betting?.

What are the risks involved with X Factor betting on Betfair?

This strategy of backing X Factor contestants at long odds at the beginning of the competition does involve some risk. If the selection of contestant isn’t right and they go out early on in the contest that’s money lost. That’s the risk. The way to get round this is to make a short list of the best contestants. Secondly if it becomes apparent that a contestant is struggling a lay bet should be place to reduce the loss before the contestant finally gets voted off. By adjusting the stake of this lay bet it’s possible to reduces losses to a fraction of what they would have been.

Why might the X Factor USA be bettor for betting than the X Factor UK?

The time difference might allow members of Betfair get in on some great odds before other members have ‘woken up’ to what has happened the day before in the USA.

The X Factor USA is going to be an exciting betting market. As will the normal X Factor over the pond. Visit Betfair to learn more about how the market works and read Why is the X Factor good for betting? to learn how to make the best short list of contestants to win money.

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