Cha-ching another crazy offer torpedo's in from Betfair destroying my Samsung smart phone - Lets

Newsflash, ” crazy offer explodes Betfair punter’s Samsung Note II “.  Yes, it was my Samsung Note II and I needed another one anyway because it’s getting slow: it can’t take the wear and tear from constant Betfair promotions.

Since using the first bonus offer Betfair sent in November 2015 I have had ten text messages with more offers.  Giving me £215 of bonus money to play with.  Others have received more existing customer offers which depend on your user profile.  Offers are especially generous around major sporting events, like the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euros, Grand Slam tennis like Wimbledon, or the Ryder Cup for golf.  Members who regularly bet on a mix of sports will receive offers for each sport.

What offers are available?

Free bets: Make a wager up to a certain amount and get a matching free bet.  Simple.  Could be just for football or horse racing depending on what you you like to bet on most.

100% bonus on your net profit: A bonus based on 100% of the profit from the betting exchange.

50% refund on net loses: Get a refund on 50% of any loses from the betting exchange

100% refund on net loses: They will give you a bonus to the value of all of your net loses for the day.

Betfair are not the only online bookmaker who like to peak their customers interest with regular promotions.  Giving away free bets and bonuses is a successful marketing technique and rewards customers for signing up and for their continue patronage. Others include Bet365, William Hill and Ladbrokes, plus many more.  Mobile users are also rewarding for opening mobile accounts with bookmaker like Bet365, giving customer a bonus for opening an online account, another big bonus for having a mobile betting app, and various ongoing bonuses.

Matched betting

Matched betting is an sneaky way to use Betfair to it’s full potential. Matched betting uses the benefits of Betfair, which enable users to bet like a bookmaker, to hedge the risk on conventional bets with online bookmakers.  Something that enables people who want a bit of fun harvesting bookmaker promotions. From the point of sign up to the last promotion received people have been enjoying a cash boost.  That’s if your mobile phone can take it.

To get a feel for what bonus codes are on offer you could look at our betting bonus page available from the explore menu on the home page.  Beforehand you may want to find out more about matched betting as a way to boost your bonuses and create bets guaranteed to make you some extra cash.  Check out our special review on the Let’s Compare Bets blog.



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