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Governments around the world are trying to make their books balance. Headlines about tax dodging companies are on the vine. Country debt across the globe has gone up like Leicester through the Barclays Premier League table (2016). Governments and central banks have attempted (or attempting depending on where in the world you look) to get things under control by pumping money into the economy. Designed to stop economies falling into depression this money machine helps lubricate the gears of business and commerce. So far the authorities have stopped short of handing out money to the people to spend (otherwise known as helicopter money). Except possibly in the online gambling industry!

Time for the people to benefit from economic stimulus

Top online bookmakers and casinos have the marketing budget to offer new members bonus money to wager.  A quick browse on the internet tells us that the best online bookmakers offer £1600 in sign up bonuses, the top 10 no deposit casinos offer £680 in bonuses and deposit casinos are giving away £5000 in welcome bonus money.  Adding in other online bookmakers and casinos not covered by our research, and the offers sent to members after signing up for an account, total bonuses offered sky rockets.

Online gambling has almost no borders.  European bookies, UK Bookies, and casino all over are offering great deals.  Of course these offers are intended to attract people to gamble for a past time.  Fair enough, but, that’s not going to help people: is it.  Wouldn’t it be nice to discover a way to pick these bonuses from the global money tree?  There is a way to do this.  We’ve done it, and reviewed a service that makes it easy for non gamblers (for the people!).  Siphoning money from a money orchard of betting offers.

In reality the process that is revealed here to siphon money from betting offers takes time. Reading terms and conditions of each offer and crunching the numbers to maximise returns can be daunting and, well, boring.  LetsCompareBets has selected a service that we believe gives people the best opportunity online to make some fast cash, and, have a bit of a laugh doing it. Without further a do, check out our featured review (follow link to the blog).

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