Ron Robinson is handicapping for charity. There are so many tipsters out there it’s often difficult to know who to trust. When there’s an established tipster who gives away their handicap ratings away for free we had to give it a mention. It is quite unusual. Ron, a postman turn horse handicapper, runs a website called Post Racing. This is horse race tipping with a twist. No money changes hands for Ron’s tips they are free to all. The aim of Ron’s website is to raise one million pounds for charities that Ron supports.

Ron uses a his own ratings system and provides a rating for each horse in various UK races. Ron’s tips go against the crowd and his methodology concentrates on finding value bets; where the odds available on the selection do not reflect the true chance of the horse winning the race. Over the long term value bets like these should produce a positive return for punters.

Various media members have commented on Ron’s work, including Patrick Weaver of the Daily Express who said “Ron’s figures stack up and enable punters to make a profit out of the game.
I recommend their use and am always pleased when his top-rated horse is the one I have tipped for the race. We come at our selections from a different way, and I feel my tip has a stamp of approval if it is number one with Ron.”

A note on Ron’s system. Ron makes ratings of horses based on up to 11 factors, which are used to conjure up handicaps for the horses. In much the same way as a bookmaker.

So what goes into the mix?

Horses perform differently depending on the Jockey, the race course and ‘the going’ (the condition of the race track turf). Not forgetting Ron’s secret ingredient. The secret ingredient is the adjustments Ron makes to the system, which is based on years of fine tuning. The result is a system that does well.

The methods is similar to a bookmaker which effectively lays all the horses in a the field. What Ron does is to narrow down the number of selections and spreads the stake (which is called a Dutch). Regardless of which horse wins this secured a profit; one which beats the profit that a bookmaker produces due to the special selection of runners.

Ron provides tips for the days racing completely free of charge except Saturdays where a donation of 5 pounds is expected. A donation to the cause is also encouraged for Ron’s free tips. The charities supported by post racing include The Bob Champion Cancer Trust, Greatwood Caring for Retired Racehorses and Children with Special Needs, The IJF and Racing Welfare.

Of particular interest is Greatwood Caring for retired racehorses and children with special needs. Respite, support and rehabilitation is provided to vulnerable children by allowing interaction with rescued race horses. The idea came when a girl who had decided not to speak any longer was helped through the interaction with a rescued race horse. She started acting like a happy young girl after interaction with the rescued race horse. Eleven years after the Charity was founded it has gone from strength to strength. Find out more at about these free horse racing tips at Post Racing.

Disclosure. Lets Compare Bets has no commercial interest in writing about Post Racing. This post has been written because Ron’s ratings are unique because the come with the twist that’s its all being done for a good cause. Something you don’t normally get with horse racing tipsters.

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