Andy Murray was on the UK’s Mock The Week comedy television programme recently.  His appearance on the programme was a positive publicity stunt.  He took all the jokes about him crying at the Wimbledon final in good humour.  It showed that Andy Murray isn’t crying any more.

The Wimbledon final didn’t serve up any shock surprises.  The tournament final was bitter sweat as we where rooting for Murray but predicted Federrer would win, and that he looked like good value in the betting markets.  Andy Murray’s game against Federrer drew the biggest crowd since the days of John McEnroe.  Headlines read ‘ Andy Murray wins over Britain’.  The tennis star’s celebrity cache it definitely improving but is his tennis?

Murray’s best performance at Wimbledon was a four-set victory over Jo-Wilfried Tsonga which secured his path to the final.

Anyone who backed Andy Murray at the begging of the Tournament would have seen his odds reduce dramatically over the course of Wimbledon.   In the same way that Federrer’s odds reduced from the price of 5.5 that was available on Betfair at the start of the tournament.

The seemingly unbreakable trio of Federer, Djokovic and Nadal should be Andy Murray’s for the taking.  Federrer is arguably the best tennis player of all time so it’s not too much of a knock back to be beaten by him in the Wimbledon final.

Where will Andy Murray play next?

Next up for Andy Murray is the Olympics.  Check his odds as early as possible to make a bet with a view to exit the bet has he progresses.    Something that’s possible using the ‘cash out’ button on Betfair.  Don’t make a bet or exit early if Murray has any matches against anyone better in the rankings than Tsonga early on.  After the Olympics it’s the US Open.  The “Fedexpress” will be at both events so don’t count on Murray winning any finals but his progression through the tournament should be predictable.  The prospect of winning a gold medal must be spurring Murray on.

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