European Referendum – Brexit Betting Tips

The United Kingdom is at a crossroads and the people of Britain are about to decide which direction their country will take. So now is a good time to take a look at the final betting prices for the Brexit/Bremain scenarios.

A nation divided

Agendas have been set, accusations of lies and scaremongering have been thrown, celebrities have had their say and experts have been quoted and dismissed in equal measure. With so much information and misinformation floating around, it is no wonder that so many average people have been left confused and bewildered by the whole issue.

Families, friends and work colleagues have been divided and many an argument will have been had in pubs, offices and living rooms up and down the country.

But come Thursday 23rd June, which way will the vote go?

What the polls say

The main opinion polls had the Remain camp in the lead until recently when the Leave campaign enjoyed a late surge. However, the last few days have seen a swing back toward remain. There could be many reasons for this reverse swing, but a combination of the controversy caused by UKIP’s “Breaking Point” immigration campaign poster, the Chancellors budget warning and the tragic murder of Labour’s Remain MP Jo Cox may have had an effect on public opinion.

A weighted poll tracker in the Economist magazine has shown that there has been little change in the overall position since campaigning began back in April, with Remain holding a slight lead then and now. So which way should you bet?


With the polls so close, there will be a few crucial deciding factors – one of which is the voting intention of UK Expat voters. UK polls have been focused on UK residents, but with over 2 million Brits living throughout the EU, the migrant vote could have an influence on the final outcome.

Recent overseas polls have shown that nearly 75% of UK migrants back the Remain campaign while just 19% intend to vote Leave.

Another factor will be the undecided voters. Research has suggested that undecided voters, when pushed for an answer, are twice as likely to back the Remain campaign.

With Remain once again leading in the polls, these factors should be enough to push them over the line. Unfortunately, the bookies feel the same and this has been reflected in the price.

You can back Remain at 1/4 with Betfair.

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