Right, I’ve finished day 1 of my review of Rebel Betting.  It is about time we got round to reviewing Rebel Betting because Let’s Compare Bets has had a sports arbitrage section for years with reviews of arbitrage services which are overly expensive in my view.  A factor that stops most people from starting sports arbitrage betting.  Rebel Betting is far more affordable for the average person.  We are testing it out.

Time for a disclosure.  I work most days during the day.  That’s right, a 9 – 5 job.  Well, longer most days. Anyway, Day 1 of the review was done between 7.30pm and 9.30pm.  There’s nothing significant about the time, but, just when I got a chance to sit down alone and start trading.

Day 1 was mostly  involved with getting to know the software.  The arbitrage calculator allowed me to run through a arbitrage scenarios.  After taking a few minutes it was clear which bookmakers where producing the most arbitrage trades.     These are the bookmakers I decided to deposit my funds between.  As the review progresses I will be able to collect some sign up bonuses along the way.

What’s the bottom line for day 1?

Number of arbs – 2.  I spent some time opening accounts and getting to know Rebel Betting so not surprising really.

Arbitrage percentage. One arb was worth 6% and the other 4.5%.

6 and 4.5% return on the arbitrage trades was pleasantly surprising because I expected them to be much less.

Gross profit.  26 GBP using a total value of 500 GBP for the trade.  Again  a nice surprise as it paid for the first month subscription.

Where there any problems?

Yes, a minor one as it happens.  I didn’t realise Rebel Betting sources arbitrage opportunities from betting exchanges.  So, when Betfair popped up I wasn’t prepared and hadn’t submitted any arbitrage betting money into that account.  It was a high value arb so I didn’t want to sit around.  Luckily I had sufficient funds in my Betfair account to cover the trade as I use Betfair regularly.

When  a betting exchange comes up I’d suggest doing two things.  Check the market has is actively being used.  You can check the weight of money figures for that and you can see bets getting matched in real time.  Second, place the exchange bet first so you can confirm the bet has been matched.

Personally I ignore other betting exchanges and use Betfair exclusively as they have many members and bets are matched easily.

No other problems and that’s day 1.  Register with Rebel Betting for free if you want to follow me.

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