The World Cup was exciting, but league football is back in full swing in the UK and Europe.  Fans attention is back on the Barclays Premiership, Champions League and UEFA Europa league.  Here are our top five apps for football fans fort the coming seasons.

Of course, everyone wants to feel that they can hold their own in debates with rival supporters and, in this era of the smartphone, apps are the best way to do this. So which ones will turn you into a football genius?

Guess the Football Player 2014

Overview – the ultimate test of your knowledge of club football from around the world.

Why it will suit fans – it can make you the most knowledgeable fan, for winning pub arguments.

What it does – hits you with 200 questions about stars like Ronald, Bale and Messi. You are only allowed three wrong answers.

Sports Betting Predictor

Overview – the app that gives you the stats you need to make the best football bets.

Why it will suit fans – if they like betting, an app that provides the needed info will be welcome, and if they don’t, the stats will help them win arguments.

What it does – tells you about the injuries, suspensions, form and past results needed for smart betting.

This is the information you need to back good bets.  We recommend Bet365 for their mobile app which making betting on the move easy. They will double up the sign up bonus for new members who open a normal Bet365 account and download the app. Most generous!

Score! World Goals

Overview – A game that lets you play and score goals in simulated football matches.

Why it will suit fans – because it’s a chance to swap watching football for playing it.

What it does – simulates games with high quality graphics and lets you cross, pass and shoot through swiping and using your mobile buttons.

Fantasy Football Buddy Pro

Overview – an app that lets you make changes to your Premiership fantasy side while on the move.

Why it will suit fans – because they have busy lives, and sometimes key deadlines land when they are out.

What it does – lets you make any changes you need, including selling and signing players and checking your team’s points, at any time.

These are all great apps, as is the…

Total Football Manager

Overview – puts you in the dugout and in charge of a team.

Why it will suit fans – it’s a chance to test their selection and management skills against supporters everywhere.

What it does – lets you pick a squad, train them, choose line-ups and score points based on their competitive performance.

Apps have become the way to keep in the football loop, whether it is top scorers or fantasy teams.

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