Now I know what stake kidknapping is.  Rebel Betting warned me that in some situations bookmakers keep your stake.  There was a link to a page which explained what it is and which bookmakers are involved, luckily it’s only two.

Days 3 to 10 of the Rebel Betting review have shown that arbitrage trades come in all stakes and sizes.  I got a juicy 7% arb on an Asian handicap market.  This one didn’t last long.  By the time I found Estonian soccer on 188bet it vanished the next time the arbitrage software updated. Rebel Betting updates regularly.  I got the bet on with 188bet first because the odds where farthest away from the norm: these are the odds that’ll get reduced first.

Asian handicap arbs are good because there are only 2 bets to place because Asian handicap betting excludes the option to bet on the draw.  Team A (plus the handicap) and team B (plus the handicap), and that’s it.  The software showed quite a lot of Asian Handicap arbitrage opportunities, so on Day 4 I decided to use Asian Handicap bets only. Here is how it went.

Number of arbs 4

Profit 63.5

Average time of arbitrage trades when used; 210 minutes

I didn’t spend long reading the manual for Rebel Betting.  After spending ages looking for a Russian soccer match on Bet365 I got very frustrated.   Who would look for a Russian soccer match under European soccer anyway.  Luckily Rebel Betting has the ‘bet button’.  The bet button takes you direct to the bookmaker, logs you in, and in most cases straight to the correct page of the bookmaker’s website.   A smart feature which makes the whole process more smooth and much easier.

As part of my registration for Rebel Betting pro I got a arbitrage betting bootcamp ebook. Worth a read because I’m sure even an experienced arbitrage trade might pick up something from it.  It explains how to calculate arbitrage bets manually and lists the best bookmakers to use. Most people new to arbitrage betting have started successfully by using the following.  I quote,

“Pinnacle, Betfair (exchange), Bwin, Unibet, 188 Bet, William Hill, Betsson,
Ladbrokes, Stan James, and Panbet. Please note that the single most important bookie of them all to
have is Pinnacle. The best exchange, Betfair, is invaluable as well.”  Pinnacle sports don’t limit stakes which is why they are popular among sports arbitrage traders.  There is also a very honest description of the risks of arbitrage betting and how to avoid them…. recommended.

What about problems?

Something that will frustrate some arbitrage traders starting out there is not enough money to fund all the bookmaker accounts that you would like to use.  One solution to this is to rotate funds.  For example, Marathonbet allows users to withdraw funds quickly and most bookmakers let you deposit instantly.  A large number of arbs that Rebel Betting displays have been around for some time which makes it possible to withdraw from one account and fund another.

Visit Rebel Betting to get a free copy of the software so that you can get know the features available.  Take me to the Rebel Betting site.

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