Final results of the Rebelbetting review - Lets

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My 30 day Rebel Betting review has come to an end. Rebel Betting is more affordable than other arbitrage software available online. I particularly like the software because it is possible to pay monthly or weekly and make the arbitrage trades pay for the software almost immediately.


Recently there have been some negative comments online regarding Rebel betting. We don’t want our review to appear excessively complementary about the service if it is not going to really help people looking to make money from sports arbitrage. Issues with users arose with users because the opportunities are often on exotic bet markets with bookmakers that limit or even close accounts. After thorough research we have realised that often the best sports arbitrage trading is done with trusted bookmakers and by finding the trades manually. We recommend learning the about arbitrage betting first. Try our guide to sports arbitrage betting.
Manual sports arbitrage requires a large betting bank. If you don’t have more than £10000 (or currency equivalent) you should visit the Profit Accumulator review.


Sports arbitrage betting is available to traders with a small, medium or large betting bank. With a small betting bank of 100 GBP per bookmaker account it would take 4 arbitrage trades to pay for a weekly subscription to Rebel Betting. With a large betting bank it would take just 1 or 2 trades to be in profit.

At the start of the review I spent approximately one hour a day arbitrage trading with Rebel Betting.  When I got comfortable with the software I was spending less than 2o minutes a day finding and making arbitrage trades.

I found an average of 4 trades per day producing a profit of 82 GBP per day. The average percentage return per arbitrage trade was 4.24%. On average the arbitrage opportunities where available for 150 minutes.

I had 3000 GBP available to divide between various bookmaker accounts.


Sports arbitrage betting guide

For our full arbitrage betting guide visit the section dedicated to sports arbitrage betting.


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RebelBetting - the worlds most popular sports arbitrage software

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My Rebel Betting Performance.

210 sports arbitrage trades found by Rebel Betting
Average arbitrage trade percentage of 4.3%
20.50 GBP profit per trade
2460 gross profit for the 30 day period


104 GBP
Time to read the ebook, familiarise myself with the software, and make trades.

Net profit from arbitrage trading for 30 days

2356 GBP

Extra features that Rebel Betting provides which helped make sports arbitrage trading easy include the arbitrage calculator, the filters to limit the number of bookmakers used and the bet button.  The calculator makes it easy to see what stakes are required for each arbitrage trade.  The filter ensures that at least one bookmaker of your choosing is required for each sports arbitrage trade.  This limits the amount of money needed to fund bookmaker accounts.  Most importantly the bet button takes you to the bookmaker website, speeds up login and takes you direct to the selections required to complete the arbitrage trade, reducing the chance that the odds will change before a trade is placed.

Rebel Betting returns with small, medium and large betting banks

Small – 50 GBP per bookmaker 

Gross profit 451 GBP

Net profit 347 GBP

Medium – 200 GBP per bookmaker 

Gross profit 1804 GBP

Net profit 1700 GBP

Large – 500 GBP per bookmaker 

Gross profit 4510 GBP

Net profit 4406 GBP

In order to stop bookmakers closing or limiting my account due to suspicious activity I made simple precautions.  In the main betting activity can look suspicious if the account permanently shows a profit or stakes are continuously used at or near the betting limit.   To avoid problems do not make arbitrage trades with bets near the stake limit.  Make some loosing bets if you keep winning.  Hedge loosing bets using Betfair so that you do not loose money.

Some bookmakers did limit my stakes, which they tend to do after they have accepted some of your stake on the bet.  These are normally the bookmakers who’s odds are farthest from the average.  There are emails from Rebelbetting alerting members about problems with bookmakers.  When a bookmaker limits your account make sure you place these bets first and adjust the stake accordingly for the other bookmaker / bookmakers, which is easy to do using the arbitrage calculator provided.   If you get caught by surprise by a bookmaker limiting  an account hedge the bet using Betfair by laying the same outcome on the betting exchange.

The majority of my sports arbs where on football matches.  Some on Basketball and other sports.  My preference was for Soccer Asian Handicap arbitrage bets because there are only two possibilities.  I was suprised by the number of arbitrage opportunities available, the length of time there where available for and how smooth the Rebelbetting software is.

Rebelbetting is produced by Clarobet who where very helpful with queries and directed me to support material available in the ebook and on the website for support.

In summary

  • Rebelbetting made it simple to work with a large number of bookmaker accounts by providing a spreadsheet to keep track of each account and ‘log in’ details.  The software simplifies the process of visiting the bookmaker, logging in, and finding the sports selection.
  • Arbitrage opportunities remained available for a surprising amount of time.  Sometimes the odds will change before the trade can be placed but there where always more opportunities available.  I normally placed my bet with the bookmaker who’s odds where farthest from the average first to reduce the chance of the odds reducing.  Some days give more arbitrage bets than others; don’t forget to make hay when the sun shines!
  • Arbitrage betting using Rebelbetting was more time consuming at the begging but the time it took to make arbitrage trade reduced significantly as I become more confident.
  • Bookmakers closing my accounts was never a problems because I was careful to ensure that none of my accounts started to accumulate large amounts of profits.  Some bookmakers do not have a problem with this but some do.

I recommend this software because my experience with Rebelbetting has been positive.  I made profit and enjoyed the experience.  Traders with a small betting bank can build their funds steadily until good profits can be made.  Use the software on a big scale and the profits will be very rewarding.   Rebelbetting can be used for free but the arbitrage trades are limited to 0.6%.  Get a copy for free.

If I was marking this software out of 10 it would get 8 out of 10.  If it was a 10 it would do the whole thing for you.  Nothing in life is that easy is it!  Visit Rebelbetting to get a copy.

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This service may interest readers and has some advantages over sports arbitrage trading. Visit the Profit Accumulator review.


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