Ok, I have just upgraded to Rebel Betting pro.  Let’s Compare Bets has been allowed to review Rebel Betting sports arbitrage software.  I’m Jim.  A Betfair trader and reviewer for Let’s Compare Bets.  I’ve been known as the Professor because I like tinkering with my Betfair trading techniques.

Any now, let’s get on with the review.  Here’s how it will work.

Period 30 days.

I will report on the,

Number of profitable arbitrage opportunities.

The percentage of profit. 

The actual profit for a total liability of one thousand pounds or currency equivalent.


When I summarise my review I will cut to the chase and advise on profitability and the amount of money required for the software to pay for it’s self.  In the main I will be using the software in the evening for one hour and one hour during the day once a week.

But first,

What are some of the things the hold people back from sports arbitrage betting?

Problem number 1 is time.  The time it takes to source the opportunities and work out the stakes for each trade.  Arbitrage betting calculator have been around a long time but Rebel Betting does have a handy 3 way arbitrage calculator.  Obviously the whole point of arbitrage software is that it finds arbitrage bets quickly any time of the day and that’s why we are reviewing Rebel Betting.

Problem 2.  Starting capital.   Sports arbitrage betting needs money sitting in various betting accounts, making is faster to get trades on.  Something I noticed is that lots of arbitrage bets tend to use the same 4 or 5 bookmakers.  What’s more Rebel Betting has an option to use a specific bookmaker for every trade which reduces the number of bookmaker accounts required.  I watched which bookmakers produce the most arbs and distributed 3000 GBP between those bookmaker accounts.

Arbitrage betting does present other problems.  I will talk about the solutions to the problems during the review.

Now, to make it easier to see what I am talking about I would recommend registering with Rebel Betting and downloading the free version making it easier to understand my commentary.   Stay tuned.

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